Addiction Essay Examples

Prevention Program Scavenger Hunt
"Prevention Program Scavenger Hunt" is a great example of a paper on addiction. A review of reveals nicotine as the highest-rated with regards to dependence, scoring six on the table scale. From the same table, heroine scores five on dependence after nicotine.  This makes heroine the most difficult for a user to give up with the highest relapse rate for those in the process of quitting.…
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Foundations of Addictions Counseling
"Foundations of Addictions Counseling" is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. This week’s reading has been of great importance to my life as a student and a person concerned about social issues. From the reading, I have realized that drug addiction and substance abuse is a more serious problem than people take it.…
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Addiction Counseling
"Addiction Counseling" is a great example of a paper on addiction. Addiction refers to the condition whereby human beings acquire repeated behavior in doing certain activities they consider to be important in their lives even after learning the consequences. The repetitive behavior causes several harmful effects to individuals who engage in various forms of addiction.…
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Treatment of Chemical Dependency
"Treatment of Chemical Dependency" is a great example of a paper on addiction. Chemical dependency is defined as an addiction to any type of drug that causes mood disturbances, abnormalities in cognitive and behavioral responses. Chemical dependency can be caused by alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, and hallucinogens.…
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Substance Addiction Analysis
"Substance Addiction Analysis" is a perfect example of a paper on addiction. Substance addiction is the result of a patient using a drug too many times that can occur on two fronts. A physiological addiction will result in a biochemical change in the physiological equilibrium in which the person requires more of the drug in order to achieve the same desired effect.…
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Alcohol and the Heart
"Alcohol and the Heart" is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. The abstract described in a fairly accurate manner the purpose of the study, methods that were used, the results, and the corresponding conclusions. The study is concerned with the possible effect or link of alcohol toxicity from either binge drinking or chronic alcoholism to heart damage.…
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Cocaine Presentation
"Cocaine Presentation" is a great example of a paper on addiction. The street name for the drug is Crack referring to the cracking noise made when the drug is heated. Cocaine is a stimulant drug abused in many parts of the globe. The powerful stimulant is highly addictive. The drug administered through snorting, injecting into the blood system, or smoking its vapor.…
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Smokers from Teenagers to 30s
"Smokers from Teenagers to 30’s" is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. This report targets teenagers and youths between the age of 15 years and 39 years. This report will sample information in Ashford city. This report will sample information from both sexes.…
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Smoking and Womens Health
"Smoking and Women’s Health" is a perfect example of a paper on addiction. The article reports on the effects of smoking among women and possible measures for the management and prevention of smoking among women. Core to the author’s message is the position that women and girls should not start smoking because cigarette smoking is a major cause of women’s death in the United State.…
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Long-Term Effects of Smoking and Lung Compliance
"Long-Term Effects of Smoking and Lung Compliance" is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. Lung cancer is one of the long terms effects of smoking, since ninety percent of lung cancer deaths in men are directly related to smoking, while eighty percent are in women.…
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Lifestyle and Behavior Change Stages of Changes and Motivational
"Lifestyle and Behavior Change – Stages of Changes and Motivational" is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. A human’s complicated lifestyle has health constraints that require both selves and assisted effort to eradicate. Behavior change of the victims is vital in controlling adverse effects of factors associated with lifestyle and routine.…
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Curbing Alcoholism in the United States
"Curbing Alcoholism in the United States" is a great example of a paper on addiction. Alcohol is the most essential psychoactive substance to address in the United States since it is the most abused. The mortality rate as a result of alcohol is alarming due to the number of alcoholics, it is estimated that re is about 12 million alcoholic in the USA.…
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Factors Leading to Chemical Addiction
"Factors Leading to Chemical Addiction" is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. There are various main factors leading to chemical addiction. First, an individual from a family known for drug problems may be more vulnerable. Such individuals may be a parent or siblings. The other factor is mental challenges.…
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Cigarettes Should be Illegal
"Cigarettes Should be Illegal" is a perfect example of a paper on addiction. When asked if the sale and/or consumption of cigarettes should be made illegal people express a definite opinion either for or against it. Those opposed claim that prohibition of any substance does not prevent it from being consumed.…
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A Comprehensive Position on Psychoactive Substances
"A Comprehensive Position on Psychoactive Substances" is a great example of a paper on addiction. Marijuana is the most important psychoactive substance that the United States should address. Psychoactive drugs have long been used in society and Marijuana is no exception. Attention should, however, be drawn to this drug because it is produced naturally by growing plants.…
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Food and Drug Administration
"Food and Drug Administration" is a perfect example of a paper on addiction. Drug misuse is the use of prescribed drugs in greater amounts than that prescribed by a physician or the use of a drug for any other purpose than what the manufacturer intended. Drug use is the use of drugs in a way that causes physical, social, occupational, and psychological problems.…
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Assisting Clients with Addictive Disorders
"Assisting Clients with Addictive Disorders" is a great example of a paper on addiction. Mr. Levy's perception is that he is just sick. He believes that, and he confronts the wife when she thinks that there is another problem. He becomes more aggressive when the wife tells him to go to bed so that the children could not see him. He feels that the wife is not with him for better or for worse.…
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Addiction Treatment
"Addiction Treatment" is a perfect example of a paper on addiction. The diagnostic test I would order is the Opioid detoxification and rehabilitation diagnostic testing. The reason is that Mr. W denies having any medical history or hospitalization for medical conditions despite being admitted in August 2016, after being found unconscious by his mother due to an overdose from heroin.…
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Adolescent Substance Abuse
"Adolescent Substance Abuse" is a perfect example of a paper on addiction. Ryan has been staying with his grandmother since he was born and left by his teenage mother who has never been heard from since. He was a good student until around 6th grade when he started having trouble with studies and showing the change of behavior with increased avoidance tendencies and rebellion.…
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E-Cigarette Related Complications and Regulations at Swansea University
"E-Cigarette Related Complications and Regulations at Swansea University" is a perfect example of a paper on addiction. The impacts of e-cigarette smoking remain inconclusive since the trend has developed recently. Although the concept of battery-powered smoking devices is ancient, it took several years before it was released. For instance, the tools were first introduced in the US market in 2007.…
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Drug Abuse among Nurses
"Drug Abuse among Nurses" is a great example of a paper on addiction. This paper is aimed at addressing the challenges of drug abuse and the nurse-patient relationship. According to this paper, drug addiction is a critical issue in people of various occupations, levels of education, and socioeconomic classes (Araghian et al., 2017). Clinicians have identified different forms of addictions as a common issue.…
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Analysis of the Drug and Substance Abuse Disorder
"Analysis of the Drug and Substance Abuse Disorder" is a great example of a paper on addiction. Assessment is the process of data and information retrieval about a person or family that will guide the identification of the underlying human need or problem. This process similarly provides a framework for the identification of the appropriate intervention method.…
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How to Choose Residential Treatment
"How to Choose Residential Treatment" is a wonderful example of a paper on addiction. According to an article published on, residential treatment is a direct intervention for individuals with mental and substance abuse disorders where they get safe housing and medical care in a 24-hour recovery environment.…
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Evidence-Based Practice in Alcoholism
"Evidence-Based Practice in Alcoholism" is a perfect example of a paper on addiction. The word addiction mentions the compulsive practice of chemicals, alcohol, and the incapacity to cease using them regardless of the entire problems brought by their use. An addicted individual cannot stop drinking alcohol regardless of serious health, financial, occupational, lawful, spiritual, and social outcomes.…
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Counseling For Substance Abuse
"Counseling For Substance Abuse" is a great example of a paper on addiction. The counseling process for substance addiction for a group is major done through therapy. Group therapy is an indispensable element of effective abuse of substances and treatment of mental illness. The main objective of group therapy is to enhance the reduction of symptoms alongside a recovery in two or more individuals.…
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What Is Addiction in Simple Words?

Addiction usually refers to behaviors related to the constant need to consume substances that affect one as the consumer. Usually, these compulsive behaviors give the user pleasure temporarily. However, in the long run, they typically have harmful effects on that person’s life.

Science describes addiction as a neural disorder that arouses compulsive behavior in an individual. This disorder encourages the person to frequently engage in behaviors that, even though it makes them feel good for a while, usually results in adverse effects on their lives in the end.

What Is an Example of Addiction?

While most people think addictive behavior is mainly related to substance abuse like drugs and alcohol, understand that addiction is not confined to these issues alone. Compulsive habits like gambling, excessive indulgence in sex, workaholism, or even shopping all fall into this category. Frequently engaging in any behavior that is harmful to you can be classified as an addiction.

It is important to note that to the addict, his or her behavior is quite normal. This means that they do not see anything wrong with whatever they are doing, even though it is damaging their lives. To them, whatever they are addicted to seems to be quite normal need/want. This is the main reason why most addicts have no control over their impulses.

The fact that addiction has become an enormous peril to society has made it part and parcel of our education system. It has become essential to teach students about addiction with evident examples to shield themselves from acquiring addictive behaviors. Therefore, students must be given addiction essays as assignments to learn.

What Is the Greatest Addiction? 

It is not easy to classify any one kind of addiction as the greatest addiction with examples. This is because all types of addiction are usually harmful to the person engaging in the behavior. For this reason, we are not going to highlight a single form of addiction as the greatest one but rather provide a list of the most common addiction examples today. Some of the most common habits involve:

  1. Nicotine
  2. Alcohol
  3. Marijuana
  4. Painkillers
  5. Cocaine
  6. Heroine
  7. Benzodiazepine
  8. Stimulants
  9. Inhalants
  10. Sedatives

These are classic examples of substances that are highly abused that lead to the greatest addiction. 

How Do You Start an Addiction Essay?

As with any other essay assignment you might be given in school, you must develop a superb essay as a student. Your teacher needs your essay to be free-flowing, articulate, and free from grammatical errors. This is one reason why writing essays about addiction can be a grueling task for most students. Lucky enough, we describe the feature of essay writing in our examples to make your writing work more manageable. 

Before starting to write your addiction essay, you first need to look for an ideal topic. Follow our examples; the topic you choose to write about should be interesting and familiar to you. 

Also, we are keen on the word count in our examples because you will need to meet a specific word limit. It means that you need to pick a topic you can gather enough data to meet this threshold. Do not worry because you will understand the elements required to complete your task comfortably with our addiction essay examples.  

When starting your addiction essay, you need to create a robust, clear, and catchy introduction, as depicted in our examples. The introduction is the first portion of the document that teachers will read; you need to capture their interest. You also want to make them keep reading your essay. Having a catchy introduction is the best way to ensure that you get top marks for your essay. Read various examples to know how you can start our essay excellently. 

It is also important to note that you have to include your thesis statement in the introduction. The ideal area to place this statement is the last line of the intro paragraph. However, you can put it anywhere else, provided it is in the introduction. Understand that your introduction is what sets the stage for your essay. Therefore, ensure that it is engaging and as catchy as possible. See how experts do it in examples and follow the same. In essence, our examples will provide these:

  • Selecting a topic
  • Outlining
  • Framing a thesis
  • Writing the introduction, body, conclusion 
  • Editing your work

These are simple steps for excellent writing followed in all our essay examples. 

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