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"Addiction Counseling" is a great example of a paper on addiction. Addiction refers to the condition whereby human beings acquire repeated behavior in doing certain activities they consider to be important in their lives even after learning the consequences. The repetitive behavior causes several harmful effects to individuals who engage in various forms of addiction. I would want to work with individuals who are involved in drug and alcohol addiction. Counseling programs will help individuals undergoing drug and alcohol addiction. In the process of treating drug and alcohol addicts, there are underlying issues that must be addressed for the patient to recover fully.

Understanding the reasons that drive patients into drug addiction is the first process in achieving positive results in the counseling process. Regarding boundaries and life balance, I have learned to say no to those activities that may affect by activities either at school or at home. Separating family duties from work activities is the first step towards managing life stressors. In most cases, human beings transfer their workplace duties to their homes thereby having little time to rest and share with family members. My schedule will have to run from morning to late in the afternoon, six days a week.

This will enable me to have enough time to complete internship responsibilities. In addition, I will have enough time off-practicum to share with friends and families. About 8 hours a day is necessary for the completion of the internship responsibilities. The research on behavioral health organizations to work for will depend on their specialization. There is enough information on the internet that can help in identifying the right organization where I will be able to apply my skills in addiction counseling, especially to those of drug and alcohol addiction.

Payment in terms of wages will be necessary for meeting my daily needs while undertaking the internship responsibilities. Academic Planning for an internship begins immediately after an individual begins studying. The knowledge learned from the coursework is important because it will be applied in carrying out the internship responsibilities. Practicum activities can never be done without basic skills learned before undertaking the duty. This is important because it enables the student to get prepared for future tasks. Liability insurance will be important in case of any malpractice that may arise in the practicum.

The liability insurance needs to be purchased before beginning the internship responsibilities. Addiction counseling involves dealing with human beings, there is some information regarding confidentiality, if released to other parties, may require legal litigation. Liability insurance is important in catering to such situations. Applying for the prospective internship locations needs to be done 6 months before beginning the internship responsibilities. This ensures that other options are considered in cases whereby there may be a failure for other organizations to respond to the application. A planning schedule affects the graduation date because there are causes and activities that are required for a student to graduate.

For instance, graduation cannot take place without internship responsibilities being completed. Every state has different requirements on licensure requirements. In New York, counselors are required to have a master’ s degree in counseling. In addition, counselors need to earn 3000 hours while doing their internship responsibilities (Allpsychologycareers, 2012). Professional Licensure requirements differ from state to state. It is important to check the requirements because there may be differences regarding the laws, age, and penalties for malpractice. Joining a professional association helps individuals to fight for their rights in numbers.

In addition, professional associations help individuals to advance in their studies in case there are changes in the skills required for the profession. Knowing the jobs that are available in the field helps the student in learning the necessary skills. The necessary skills can only be acquired after choosing the right elective courses to study. In addition, licensure plans differ from one job to another.

Knowledge of the available jobs will help in choosing the right licensure for each of them to avoid being irrelevant. Lawsuits against counselors in New York Lawsuits against dual relationships are common in New York and have become major ethical issues affecting counselors. A dual relationship occurs when counselors engage in a relationship other than that of counseling. A sexual relationship with clients has been reported to be on increase in New York. In order to guard against lawsuits, ethical requirements for counseling must be followed; these are rules and regulations that govern the conduct of counselors. b) 1.

National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), Web Address: http: //www. nbcc. org/ phone: (336) 547-0607. Department of State Division Licensing Services: http: //www. dos. ny. gov/licensing/ Phone; Phone: (518) 474-4429         Fax: (518) 473-6648


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