How to Quit Smoking – Addiction Example

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"How to Quit Smoking" is a good example of a paper on the addictionSmoking is a terrible habit; injurious to health even. It poses a great number of risks to a person’ s health and is known to have caused the worst of diseases – even cancer. Despite this, it is a habitual aspect of people’ s lives; most people that smoke are doing it because it helps to relieve them of stress and tends to make them feel better. They end up smoking around ten to fifteen cigarettes a day which contains a high amount of nicotine.   Quitting this habit is extremely difficult because once a person is addicted to smoking, it is tough to let go of it simply because it claims to calm people’ s nerves down.

People need to smoke after eating a meal as well as people claim it helps them digest the food better. There are various steps involved in quitting smoking however the same is subjective to people because it depends on the amount they smoke daily. For example, the quitting process would differ greatly from a chain smoker to an occasional smoker because of aspects like greater addiction and much more determination required in doing the same, as it is not at all an easy feat.

It is imperative to quit smoking for a person to live a healthier life nevertheless; the process for quitting smoking is tough and requires time and patience.                       The first step involved in quitting smoking is the determination to do the same; a person needs to gather motivation to have the guts to be able to stop continuing this habit. This motivation may come from family members, friends, or even by reading about the harmful effects of the habit and how they affect and degrade health over time.

Furthermore, a person may contact or confide within a therapist if he or she is addicted greatly to smoking and just cannot give it up. it also must be understood that smoking affects the lives of others around the smoker as well because due to passive smoking it leads to others in the vicinity of the smoker inhaling the harmful smoke and nicotine as it billows out of the cigarette.

Thus, one needs to think about the lives of others around him, especially if they are children or old people. The next step to quit is to begin taking recourse measures like chewing Nicorette which has been designed to help a person to quit. It involves chewing the gum which releases minuscule nicotine content as the smoker chews it, giving him the feel of smoking while not inhaling smoke. This ‘ medicine’ has been known to help a lot of people give up smoking over time because it stops people from wanting to smoke altogether after some time.

Along with this, a healthy diet should be followed to keep the person’ s health in check. Finally, a person needs to take measures to ensure that he is not around other people who are smoking when he is trying to quit. Watching others smoke will tempt him into smoking and thus not let him leave out on his habit.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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