Signs of Addiction – Addiction Example

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"Signs of Addiction"  is an engrossing example of a paper on addiction. Addiction is described as unrelenting or constant participation and attachment in specific actions or stuff. Some actions or stuff that lead to addiction include drugs, pornography, and alcohol consumption. It is very easy to identify a family member or friend with addictive behavior. Signs of addiction are in most cases identified through observation. Addicted individuals have specific compulsive behaviors that are characterized by fixation as well as an irresistible desire to engage oneself in a certain activity or behavior. Individuals with a particular addiction also tend to engage themselves in particular activities despite the fact that the consequences would be negative.

In other words, they are unable to control their desires. Individuals with addictive behavior can also be identified through their incapability to recognize or accept the fact that a particular activity is detrimental. Other signs include poor performance in school work, and money problems (Donatelle).         How to recognize technology addiction                       Excessive use of technology is one of the addictive behaviors or activities. In the contemporary world, people depend a great deal on their technological gadgets such as phones and iPads attributed to the ease of access to information on the internet.

According to Donatelle, Individuals with technology addiction can easily be identified or recognized by their common lack of sleep, overlooking and ignoring their family members and friends, elation or excitement when using technology, poor productivity, family problems, lack of friends, and also money hitches. Difference between drug abuse and drug misuse                       Drug abuse is linked with the use of prohibited of banned substances. Drugs that are misused are legally permitted but used wrongly.

It is worth noting that drugs are misused for a specific reason and it is not considered a deliberate action. Drugs are considered to have been abused when they are used disproportionately or unnecessarily (Donatelle). In most cases. drugs are abused when an individual becomes addicted. Misuse of drugs is the main factor that leads to abuse since it may cause an addiction. Additionally, it is important to posit that the effects of drug abuse are more serious or long term whereas effects of misuse of drugs are in most cases short term. Effects of alcohol on the body and health                       Effects of alcohol on the body and health are categorized into short term effects and long term effects.

Some of the short term effects may include headaches, disrupted sleep, vomiting, inaudible and garbled vocalizations, trouble when breathing, and memory lapse. Some of the long term effects on the body and health include permanent injuries as a result of accidents, alcohol-related illnesses such as liver disease, cancers particularly throat, liver, esophagus, and colon cancers, brain and nerve damage, decreased sexual drive, decreased performance in relation to vocation, and social problems such as divorce (Donatelle). Effects of smoking on the body and health                       Just like in any other abused substance, smoking effects are also categorized into short term and long term effects.

Cigarettes contain a very addictive substance referred to as nicotine. Substances present in cigarettes such as tar and carbon monoxide are contributing factors to cancers particularly of the lungs and mouth. This is the major long term effect of smoking. Other long term effects include heart disease and also stroke, respiratory illnesses, inability to perform sexually, barrenness among females, and Alzheimer's disease.

Short term effects of smoking include a decrease or drop in brain performance, elevated blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and also elevated levels of acidity in the stomach (Donatelle).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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