The Medical Use of Weed – Addiction Example

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"The Medical Use of Weed" is an amazing example of a paper on addiction.   Weed is a plant that is used for many purposes. Mainly weed is that type of plant which can be considered of not very great importance but it has now been used to ensure its usage in many products. The primary source and linkage that is mostly associated with the usage of weed are drugs and a cigarette. Throughout its history, it has been subjected to debate and discussion with regard to its cultural impact, impact on health, and its legal standing and permission that must be given against it for its usage.

This paper looks into all these areas. History of weed: The use of weed is more likely shown in the ingredients of drugs. These drugs have a medical point of view. But at the same time, it is used by drug addicts also. The weed has a very important and historical record of its usage.   From ancient times till today it has been widely used. There are many pieces of evidence that show that the weed which is also named as marijuana has been tremendous effects on many health problem issues.   It was largely produced in World War II days and then it was cut due to the war and other effects in Asia. Medical use of weed:     The use of weed has been proved in the early for labor pains, for nausea.

  Time and again, it has been tested in laboratories for experimentation with regard to its potential positive usage. There are many drugs that have been legalized by the pharmaceutical companies and in those drugs weed is the main component.

Many doctors believe that there is no single report occurred that the use of this herb can cause death. This herb is good for mental problems. This herb is used in smoking as well as orally. It is used for relaxation, reducing anxiety(Earleywine, 2006). Mechanism of weeds:   The mechanism of weed has shown a positive response in patients facing anxiety, and its mechanism is also shown in the use of a few drugs that are used for the treatment of cancer, HIV. These diseases can use this weed if a doctor permits.

But one cannot use it without the prescription. But the problem is that how well an individual can say that they really need the drug as they are facing severe problems, it is to be decided by the doctors only. So it means that its use is controlled use. It can’ t be used without check and without control. The conflict still persists among those who consider it safe to be used and among those who don’ t consider it. This conflict has its roots grounded in the fact that the usage would lead to addiction, while others advocate that the partial permission to allow its usage would enable preventing other serious issues and problems that are otherwise faced in case of other severe drug addictions. Use of the weed and the legislation: In the US the law has been passed for the use of this herb.

It was unanimously adopted that this herb contains certain components that are effective in curing few diseases but it was also adopted that its use should be only and only for the medical purpose.

Marijuana has also been supported for usage in different states. In recent times one similar move and action came about forth with the local cigarette manufacturing companies (Snopes, 2014) being allowed the usage of marijuana in specific brands of cigarettes and the usage percentage would be restricted to a small percentage. This move was being prevented from being granted permission for several years and only recently did it see success and approval from the local court and health department. With the passage of time as the use of medicines in which the weed was used, increased, the people of America put pressure on the American Government that the law should not be tightened for its use.

But in recent years it has been grouped into the drugs which should not be sold openly and its use is also banned other than the medical point of view (Taylor & Menzel, 2000, 18). The UN has also banned its use. States about the use of weed: All over the world every year many people have been arrested due to its carriage. Its carriage is illegal.

At the same time, the use of this herb has not proven to be more dangerous than it may lead to any other accident, as in the case of alcohol.


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