Applied Research Essay Examples

Molecular Methods Detection and Identification of Micro-Organisms
"Molecular Methods Detection and Identification of Micro-Organisms" is an interesting example of the applied research. Molecular techniques and methods have provided a significant tool in the evaluation of micro-organisms. There have been various techniques that have been developed over a long period of time in the evaluations of food as well as other micro-organisms.…
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Five Ways that Molecular Biotechnology Is Used and Applied
The paper 'Five Ways that Molecular Biotechnology Is Used and Applied' is a perfect example of applied research. The recent advancement in technology has led to various developments in the field of science. One of the significant developments is on molecular biotechnology.…
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Identification and Categorizing of Microbes
The paper ' Identification and Categorizing of Microbes' is a wonderful example of applied research. Multi-resistant organisms are often difficult to detect because they are varied and complex in nature. As stated by Sharpe & Schmidt, hospital staffs of New South Wales (NSW) have implemented and maintained high infection control standards and programs in order to minimize Healthcare-Associated Infections.…
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Isolation from the Environment

The paper 'Isolation from the Environment' is an outstanding example of applied research. Isolation From The Environment. Ii First Streak. Purpose: To develop clonal purification techniques for isolating bacterial strains and to determine the CFU/ml of bacteria in a gram of soil.

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