Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer – Cancer Example

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"Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer" is a great example of a paper on cancer. Population health assessment This term relates to the in-depth understanding of the health populations as well as the factors that underlie health risks and other factors affecting the health of populations. It is the consideration of social, behavioral, cultural, and economic factors affecting health.   This is measured through hospital admission rates and life expectancy. Health protection This term is used to describe the various basic activities that describe public health in terms of water purification, drug safety, food hygiene among other activities.

This is aimed at eliminating the possibilities of risks associated with health hazards.   Interim Remedial Measure (IRM) This term defines a task that is taken at a contaminated site in a bid to reduce the chances of extreme exposure to contaminants by humans and the environment. The measures are usually carried out before comprehensive remedial studies are undertaken. Epidemiology The term describes the study of the occurrence as well as causes of health effects in the general human population. It offers a comparison of two groups of people who are alike except that one factor seems to distinguish them.

The distinction can be exposed to some chemicals or the availability of any health effect in their system (Straus, 1983).     Describing: Description of the stages involved in the development and spread of lung cancer The attack and spread of lung cancer occur through four main stages. The disease advances from one stage to another. Stage 1 The cancer cells are first located in the lung cells and do not show any sign of spread to other parts of the body or to any lymph nodes (Detterbeck, 2001).   Stage 2 The cancer cells are spread in many parts of the lungs and the few available lymph nodes. Stage 3   The cancer cells spread to various parts of the lungs and in the lymph nodes located in the middle part of the chest.   The third stage is marked by two subtypes. Stage 3A is marked when the cancer cells have spread only to the lymph nodes on the same side of the chest in which cancer first started.   Stage 3B is marked when the cancer cells have spread to the lymph nodes located on the opposite side of the chest or the region located above the collar bone (Simmers, et. al, 2009). Stage 4 The advanced stage of lung cancer is marked at this stage.

In this stage, cancer has spread to both lungs and any other part of body organs such as the liver. Comparing and Contrasting Comparing and contrasting the roles and responsibilities of doctors and pharmacists Introduction A doctor refers to a licensed practitioner of medicine who takes care of part of the overall health condition of the patient. On the other hand, a pharmacist is not a licensed medical practitioner but is trained to handle medicinal substances that are administered to the patients based on the doctor’ s prescription (Murray & Hughes, 2008).   The doctors are appointed to be in charge of a number of departments within a health facility and they are great experts in the duties assigned to them.   The pharmacists are charged with the responsibility of dispensing the right drugs to patients. Explaining Causes and Effects Causes and effects of povertyCauses of poverty include hunger, lack of basic education, inability to access natural resources such as water and food.

The effects of poverty include increased infant mortality rate, low economic growth rate, and increased rates of dependency (Lüsted, 2010).  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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