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"Study Finds that Drugs Cut Breast Cancer Risk" is a controversial example of a paper on cancer.   The article, “ Study finds that drug cuts breast cancer risk” written by Rob Stein was published on 4 June 2011 in The Washington Post. Stein has explained a very significant finding of research which can serve as a breakthrough for the improvement of women’ s health. Breast Cancer is a pathological condition and a very large number of women have a very high risk of the development of this carcinomatous disease. The article explains that “ aromatase inhibitor” which is a chemical compound can serve to reduce the chances of the development of breast cancer by 65 per cent in women who have a very high probability for the development of this disease. Breast cancer affects a large number of women and statistics have revealed that annually 200,000 females in the United States of America develop this lethal pathology.

It results in the death of 40,000 women in the country on an annual basis. It is labelled to be the second-highest occurring cancer in women. Women who are above the age of 60 years or who have relatives suffering from this condition have a very high risk of being affected with this form of cancer.

The treatment modalities for this form of cancer include surgical procedures, drugs that prevent the effects of estrogen as well chemotherapeutic agents and these have resulted in a reduction of the occurrence of the mortality associated with this condition. Despite this, there has been a strong need for methods that result in the prevention of this cancer. Women who have increased susceptibility of developing this condition even opt for the surgical dissection of their breasts to prevent this disease owing to its negative effects on the health of the women and the mortality rate.

But this research finding which has been explained on the basis of an internationally accredited research which included 4500 women has provided a ray of hope to prevent this disease before it actually occurs. This finding was presented in the New England Journal of Medicine. There have been medications that lower the functioning of estrogen but these medications have many negative effects which include carcinoma of the uterus and the formation of clots.

The “ aromatase inhibitor” is superior to these forms of drugs as it does not lead to these complications. This study has served to be a major success as previous similar researches were discontinued in the United States as it was considered that they would not be very beneficial. But this article explains that the study of the “ aromatase inhibitors” has provided for strong results and it can prove to be advantageous for women who have an increased risk for this cancer.

Rob Stein has provided good insight into a very important area of women’ s health as breast cancer has been a life hampering condition and a very common cancer amongst women. Despite research activities, no significant result had been obtained but this study highlights that a reduction of 65 per cent in the risk for breast cancer may be achieved in these women. Thus, this article is very helpful and has highlighted an important aspect for the betterment of the health of women.


Stein, Rob. “Study finds that drug cuts breast cancer risk.” The Washington Post.4 Jun. 2011. Web. 23 Mar. 2012.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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