Controlling Hypertension – Cardiovascular System Example

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"Controlling Hypertension" is a perfect example of a paper on the cardiovascular system. Hypertension is one of the health issues modern America is concerned about because of the rising number of people suffering from it including young adults. For this reason, researches were performed to determine the causes of hypertension for people to know how to prevent having the disease. Due to the nature of the condition, there is no specific cause that has been named but a number were identified to be contributing factors. Obesity or being overweight risks a person to being hypertensive and therefore, it is advised that people should maintain an ideal weight.

In relation to this, a healthy diet should be observed. It should be noted well that having an ideal weight is not enough but having a generally healthy body should also be aimed. It is advised that there should be a higher intake of fruits and vegetables than dairy and meat products. For years, the food pyramid has been a good guide for a healthy diet and it still serves that purpose today. Salt should be taken minimally because high levels of it in the body also put a person at risk. Another important factor in hypertension is having a sedentary lifestyle.

Indeed, exercise is very helpful in the maintenance of a healthy body so that it is encouraged to be done at least three times a week for thirty minutes for every session. Other factors are smoking and high levels of alcohol intake. Obviously, the thing to do in the case of smokers and drinkers is to quit the bad habit. The use of birth control pills of women can also cause hypertension so it is very important that women should consult their doctors first before taking birth control pills.

It is commonly known that hypertension could also be hereditary. In this case, the people concerned should avoid the risk factors and observe healthy diets and exercise.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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