Socio-Economic Problems Associated with Cardiovascular Disease – Cardiovascular System Example

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"Socio-Economic Problems Associated with Cardiovascular Disease" is a worthy example of a paper on the cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular diseases, also referred to as heart diseases describe the class of diseases that typically attack the heart including blood vessels. In general, cardiovascular disease is simply any kind of disease that attacks an individual’ s cardiovascular system, principally known as a cardiac disease (Daviqlus, Pirzada & Talavera 2014). Science has shown that the particular causes of cardiovascular diseases are quite diverse; however, hypertension and atherosclerosis are among the most common. Additionally, as a person ages, various morphological and physiological changes take place in his body, altering many of the cardiovascular functions, thus raising the chances of getting any kind of cardiac disease, thus takes place even in those individuals described as being asymptomatic.       Currently, cardiovascular disease has been cited as being among the leading causes of many deaths across the world, this is especially for countries in low and middle-income brackets.

In as much as this disease has been known to affect adults in most cases, its antecedents like atherosclerosis have been known to begin in childhood, affecting small children.

At this stage, the disease can easily be controlled and treated when diagnoses early. Socio-Economic problems associated with its care It is always important that people who suspect they could be suffering from this disease seek immediate diagnosis (Schneiderman 2014). This is because at its earlier stages the costs of treatment and control of cardiac diseases are much low compared to when the disease is diagnosed in its late stages. In addition, the complications faced at later stages are more complex to treat compared to when the disease is in its initial stages. Many people that are diagnosed with cardiac diseases in their later stages often experience many problems and challenges in its care and management (Haque 2011).

First, the cost of managing the diseases at their later stages is very high, people suffering from the disease need to have enough money to manage the many tests and medication that have to be incurred. In addition, at later stages, chances of contracting other opportunistic diseases like a stroke can be high. According to the findings from AHRQ reports, many people have been contracting this disease with different survival rates especially at the later stages (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 2012).

From the report, many of those that have had earlier diagnosis have often survived this disease. For families and patients, the report indicates that earlier diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases can be managed effectively and at minimal costs. Currently, the Mississippi state health department has a program the is dedicated to preventing stroke and other cardiac diseases, the program, “ MSDH Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program” offers valuable to people diagnosed with cardiac diseases, helping them to manage it until full recovery (Mississippi State Department of Health 2014).

So far the program has helped many people around Mississippi, with much success. It is important to realize that cardiovascular diseases are very chronic and when not effectively managed, they have been the cause of multiple deaths as noted before. In this case, it is important that regular check-up and diagnosis be made by people, not waiting till the effects are becoming severe (Majumder 2011).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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