Action Plan for Registered Nurses – Care Example

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"Action Plan for Registered Nurses" is a great example of a paper on care. Adhering and ensuring professionalism in the nursing profession has become the main priority in this sector. ANA standards ensure that nurses comply with the professional standards that are expected of them at the workplace. This action plan will outline the expected standards in different areas in the future. Body Professional performance standards basically refer to the expected behaviors in any professional role. This involves a number of activities that revolve around factors such as ethics and education, research and evidence-based practice, quality control, leadership, and communication among others.

Therefore, all registered nurses are expected to engage themselves in all their activities professionally and they should be accountable for all the actions which they take upon their clients, peers, and the society at large (Hurst, 2010). The following are the areas which the action plan should take into account: Ethics This refers to the professional codes of conduct that nurses should observe at their places of work. They should aim at complying with the expected ethics when handling their clients, peers ad society in general. Education Every registered nurse must have attained the required accreditation in order to join that profession.

The bodies, which accredit them, should ensure that they must have attained the required knowledge and competencies. Further, they should also ensure that they are updated on the latest trends and technologies in the nursing world. However, their employers should also provide them with a conducive working environment and chances to develop and improve their profession by giving them much exposure and experience in their careers. Research and evidence-based research Every nurse is obligated to integrate into research findings during their practice.

This is because every day comes with new roles, responsibilities, and challenges. Therefore, nurses should focus on daily research in order t come up with ways of dealing with new challenges and problems in their practice. Quality practice All nurses should ensure that practice and offer quality services to all their clients. This is achieved by ensuring that they observed the required ethics and rules and regulations at places of work. Communication Communication skills are very vital in the nursing profession. Therefore, all nurses should communicate effectively and respectfully when dealing with their clients and employers to ensure professionalism. Leadership All registered nurses are expected to demonstrate leadership skills at workplaces as it steers career development and improvement. Collaboration This is very important in their line of career as their work mainly depends on the availability of clients, family, and other members of the society who require their services. Evaluation Every registered nurse is mandated to be evaluated by the governing bodies in this practice to ensure they maintain the required standards in the paces of work.

This ensures that they follow the required guidelines, standards, rules, and regulations. Resource utilization All nurses should utilize the provided resources appropriately in the safest and effective ways to ensure that they are financially responsible.

Further, they should adhere to responsible environmental practices to ensure that they live in a clean and secure environment.


Hurst, J. (2010). Effective Ways to Realize Policy Reforms in Health Systems.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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