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"Advanced Practice Nursing Professional Development Plan" is an exceptional example of a paper on care. Advanced Practice Nursing focuses on nursing career goals. APN development plan has been used for advancement in the sector. The shortage of medical physicians in hospitals led to the development of nursing credentials through the development plan as a way of recognizing the role of nurses in inpatient care (David, 2010).   Nurses who used to assist medical physicians found themselves attending to treatments of hospitals, pediatric, family medicine, and clinical patients. This led to an expansion in roles to be played by nurses.

APN was developed to increases awareness of nurses providing answers to shortages that occurred in primary care services (Nick, 2012). This was due to their expanding roles.   APN was developed from four different career fields including Certified Nurse Anesthetics, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Practitioners, and Certified Nurse Midwife. APN has enabled registered nurses to have skills and competency in the field of nursing specialization. The skills together with other qualifications that they have make them qualified to pursue enhancement in their education through taking masters.

Some nurses go further to pursue a degree in hospital and public health (Nick, 2012). APN scope of practice There has been the development of nursing practice regulations to help in making clear roles and relationships associated with professional practices in nursing. The scopes tell the nurse why, where, when, and how to apply nursing practices. Professional and specialty organizations are responsible for defining scopes and standards of practice of their members and the public. This provides the basis for operation as brought out in the nursing practice pyramid (David, 2010).

APN considers skills and expertise, in combination with settings of the working environment with skills also from other members.   What comes in the scope of practice of an individual may change with time but still aims in providing quality and safe healthcare that is evident. Delaware Code Chapter 19 on Nursing brings the different definitions of nurses and their requirements. The advanced practice nurse is one whose education and certification criteria have reached the ones established by the Board of Nursing. The nurse has a license of registration and a master's degree with a nursing specialty with national certification (DeNisco and Barker, 2013).

Advanced practice nursing as brought out in the chapter at having an advanced level including those nurses who do not diagnose or prescribe but are granted with authority propagated by the Board of Nursing (Nick, 2012). There are also those nurses that are advanced in their practices with acts of diagnosis and prescription when in collaboration with another physician. Those nurses that want to engage in the individual practice without written guidelines are to apply for the privilege with the only collaboration of physicians, dentist or podiatric. Personal assessment Personal assessment in nursing requires the utilization of basic self-assessment tools and advanced self-assessment tools.

For self-assessment, one should start with areas that one is familiar with within the nursing field (Barr and Reisner, 2013). Consulting with a peer who is more experienced when caring out the roles enables one to be much experienced in the nursing field.   Self-assessment has the need to adopt a culture that is used in nursing with promotion on acceptance and use of communication technology (DeNisco and Barker, 2013).

Competencies are important in assessment in nursing. Attainment of this requires strategies that are put forth by one which includes training and accessing online resources to learn more. Personal assessment in nursing has several strengths. It allows a nurse to reorganize potentials that one has which enhances care for patients. Potential that can be brought out in personal assessment are skills, talents, interests, and resources. Self-assessment enables a nurse to be able to take up activities that he goes through in steps to bring efficiency in activities that are performed.

Once one has assessed the personalization of the result is possible generating the strengths of the nurse. Self-assessment enables a nurse to achieve goals and objectives to do with responsibilities that are played, shaping of character according to the working environment, improving on a relationship with other workmates, and coming up with correct procedures of addressing challenges (David, 2010). Networking and marketing strategies for APN Social media for professional networking has been used by APN for advertising on available jobs, events, and education. Online courses on nursing can be offered through the media with available grades and certificates immediately after taking online exams (Jane, 2005).

Its main aim is to provide nurses with continuous education and how they can utilize the use of social media to improve their profession. Effective strategies that have come due to the network is that it teaches all levels of nursing with information from numerous sources. Through the use of the network, nurses are able to produce good accounts of their life-enhancing careers (DeNisco and Barker, 2013). Marketing through the network allows communication to the general public and the nurses on vacancies, resources, and management.

This allows achieving of strategies that are set by APN. Networking and marketing strategy for APN has been carried out by Heartland Advanced Practice Nurses Network. The organization provides a professional organization for advanced providers for healthcare for all specialists. The organization has also contributed much to community donations to hospitals in the local that gears towards excellence in nursing (Jane, 2005). Development plans that APN has been communicated to the nurses through networking such as the use of social media.

The strategies that are to be achieved by nurses in attaining their certifications are communicated and advised in the networks where they get an education online. Marketing strategies that have been put forward by APN is to make sure that communication reaches a vast number of people to enhance safety in health care through skills that are impacted on the nurses that get certified by APN. Curriculum vitae Professional interests Basic care with the main focus on internal medicine Promotion of health and prevention of diseases Reaching patients who are medically underserved Participating in voluntary medical programs Clinical affiliations Chamberlain College of Nursing Education and skills Degrees and certification   2009-2013 Masters degree in public health   2004- 2009 Degree in clinical leadership, Chamberlain College of Nursing Efficient technological skills Good communication skills Employment history Nurse at Chamberlain hospital. Research interests Medication in the elderly Disorders caused by anxiety and depression Vulnerable population Diabetes control in African Americans Effective environment for the comfort of patients Competencies and achievements Successful research on cancer causes, diagnosis, and treatment. Students’ leader at Chamberlain College of Nursing with the duty of representing the students in all aspects of the college. Attained scholarship to study technological management Conclusion APN has enabled the advancement of professional skills in nurses.

This brings about filing of gaps in the nursing sector as a nurse through APN can be able to perform some roles such as those by physicians with a little help. APN has enabled registered nurses to have skills and competency in the field of nursing specialization. The skills together with other qualifications that they have make them qualified to pursue enhancement in their education through taking masters. Self-assessment has had a great impact on the roles and interests of nurses. The activity has enabled the identification of potential and talents by the nurses increasing their professional capability.   Development plans and strategies are achievable through a personal assessment of nurses and effective communication through networking.


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