Anger Toward Abusers – Care Example

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"Anger Toward Abusers" is a great example of a paper on care. Professional life is sometimes a mixture of comfortable and uneasy circumstances. More often than not, we encounter situations that put us down but with an inherent mechanism of adjustment, we wake up to the truth and react normally or as desired by the context. We set perceptional levels of evaluation of incidents associated with our life as a relative measure to assess possible encounters of similar kind in the future. Sometimes certain incidents are posed fear and anger about some people based on their behavior.

I do fear and hate abusers of kids because I have an eleven years old child. I am a nursing professional and I know that we deal with the lives of people therefore we need to see all the patients with equal vision. Owing to my personal views, I cannot consider the abuser patients with a mindset equal to that when I treat a normal patient. This may be a professional failure on my part but I cannot help the reflect on my feelings when I happen to experience the presence of such persons. Recently, I had the experience of giving post-surgery treatment to a man, who is a notorious child abuser.

Initially, I refused to take the duty chart involving his room, but in turn, it became a force to follow the order. When I entered the room, the man was semiconscious with the drip almost stopped from the saline tube. At first, I thought I shouldn’ t be of any aid to him and wished he took the pain for his sins. As I was abruptly moving out of the room to pass time intentionally, my colleague noticed it and replaced me with herself.

Later at the lunch hour, she explained to me the need for my abandoning the biased views about them and how it was important for me as a nurse. I know, it is a serious offense if you neglect a patient and that’ s what I exactly did. It is only for her that I was saved from the complications of possible prosecution. Honestly speaking, I hate such situations where I meet patients with a background of abuse cases against them.

With the described incident I somehow managed to bring some changes to my outlook. Apart from prejudice, I started assessing their health concerns and give the required medical attention to them. I started reading about the psychological features of the patients and presently I am able to resolve my impatience to comfortable levels. I learned to take it as a challenge of my profession and see them in an ethical way. After effective sessions of career guidance and counseling, I am convinced that their issues are of a legal implication and nothing related to my profession; therefore I feel free to work with them every easily.

The very knowledge I gained from the classes energizes me to face the challenges of each day’ s job with added enthusiasm to work for their early recovery. Finally, I think, working out the tips of tackling my mind and improving a positive attitude to my profession will ensure the endurance of excellence in my career.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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