Application for a Nursing Position at Community Hospital – Care Example

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"Application for a Nursing Position at Community Hospital" is a great example of a paper on care. I am submitting my cover letter and resume in application for the recently announced Nursing position at Community Hospital. I am confident and strongly believe that my education, experience, and training closely match your requirement. Also, my additional credentials and work experience as a nurse in critical care will make me an eligible candidate for this position as well as an asset to your nursing staff. Some important points that are closely related to this nursing position include: I received my Diploma in Nursing from ABC University in (YEAR) and I received my RN License in 1990 in (Country’ s Name). I have experience as a midwife.

My responsibilities include caring for pregnant women and infants. My responsibilities revolve around neonatal care of both the child and the mother. My particular area of expertise includes as a medical-surgical nurse. I have worked for 12 years in (hospital name) in the United States. My major services as an experienced nurse revolve around pediatric care, midwifery (Labor and Delivery). Currently, I am working in level 1trauma at Medical Center in Houston, Texas.

I am also associated with the Texas Nurses Association and the Nigerian Association Union. I am directly responsible for being a part of the rapid response team in my hospital. I have proven myself to be a highly motivated nurse with the ability to remain focused and self-directed in very high-stress environments.   I am confident and convinced that my dedication and loyalty to my patients and commitment to their care have made me an integral part of the hospital’ s caring and treatment care.

I have made my valuable contribution to restoring the tradition of excellence at ABC Hospital. I am convinced that I can prove my skills in a challenging environment like yours. It will help me to improve my skills and experience in a better way in a dynamic health care unit. I would be looking forward to being interviewed for this position and to explore how I can be a valuable asset to your management as well as how my nursing skills will fulfill your needs. Please contact me either through email or phone to organize a mutually suitable time and date for us to meet. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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