Application of Nursing Theories – Care Example

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"Application of Nursing Theories" is an engrossing example of a paper on care. Information and technology have been seen to be responsible for recent developments in many aspects of human life, they have enhanced knowledge and skills for people in various industries. Nowadays, professionals and other people in different professions can easily add to their knowledge by simply clicking on the internet on various websites that publish information regularly concerning any changes in various sectors. Nursing is a field that relies on information on human development and features in order to understand and offer proper medication for people being affected by various health problems.

There are different and numerous websites that have been designed by various people in order to offer knowledge and skills to medical practitioners in the course of their careers. This field has numerous theories that explain different changes happening in human bodies as well as those of other living organisms (Davidson 2011). The ability to research these theories depends on one’ s access to the internet, there are some instances where some e-doctors have placed their services online for people to access the most often. Availability of nursing theories There are several nursing theories that have been developed by various researches and published online, these research theories have been approved by various research institutions in the same line, and made available online.

In the two websites that have been published, numerous theories, models, and articles have been made and published inline (Clayton State University 2014). The models provide important information concerning various nursing aspects that are necessary for the diagnosis of various illnesses in living organisms (University of San Diego   2014). In addition to the websites, there are many books and journals that have been also developed on different aspects of nursing, some of these books have been published in print while others have been published online on websites and nursing blogs.

Since the development of nursing theories, there are several books and journals created, for instance, Watson (2008), has written a book, “ Assessing and Measuring Caring in Nursing and Health Science, ” which provides important information on nursing practitioners on how to effectively care for patients in a health care setting.

The book is instrumental as it gives these practitioners important tips on how to handle different kinds of patients in health care settings and help them in their full recovery. Application of nursing theories Nursing theories play an important role in health care settings and related places where patients are diagnosed and treated for various illnesses and diseases they are found to be suffering from. At the same time, they are applicable in training institutions where medical practitioners are being trained in their line of profession. This is usually done with the expectation that they will be able to apply them when they start practicing their profession. At the same time, medical consultants who wish to also use nursing theories in their consultancy services make use of these sources.

It is important to understand that the human lifestyle has become very dynamic because of various reasons, this has had a multiplier effect on health challenges that they are confronted with (Watson 2008). In this regard, medical practitioners are expected to be abreast with these changes when addressing various health challenges, this makes it necessary for nursing theories to be made available so that referral can be made on them at the time they are needed. Nursing theories are important since they are highly informational, the research that has been carried out by doctors in coming up with these theories is said to be highly reliable.

Many people who make reference to these theories are always satisfied with the information that is contained therein, making them the perfect resource for nursing and other health care settings.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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