Artistic Expression of What Nursing as Caring Means – Care Example

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"Artistic Expression of What Nursing as Caring Means" is a great example of a paper on care. It is often hard to explain to most individuals what exactly caring means. From the image, an individual can easily interpret caring as an expression of helping out somebody else grows in a certain way. It should not be forced. From the picture, it is patent that the nurse is happy to provide the care to the old lady, and the expression on the old lady’ s face definitely proves her content. My choice of the art form is mostly based on its realism and it is likely to pass the same message to a number of people.

The message will likely be interpreted the same way by different people on what I was trying to imply caring (Boykin, 2008). Meaning of the Image The image shows a nurse taking care of a frail old woman. Nursing is not a profession one is likely to get into without a heart to do what is expected of them. The way the nurse is holding hands with the patient shows the relationship of trust that has been built between them and the bond that exists.

There must be some kind of connection between the patient and the nurse if at all the patient is to receive the quality care that they are entitled to. In my view, nursing as caring mirrors an appreciation of individuals in the completeness or personhood within the setting of the nursing situation.   The general postulation is that all humans are caring, and this is the fundamental grounding that the nursing profession is based on. Effect on my Perception of the Nursing Profession In the past, I often viewed the nursing profession as nothing more than just a service to the people.

However, the assignment helped deepen my understanding by helping me realize the extent of care that would be required of me. Unlike other professions, it is evident that in nursing not all goals will necessarily be achieved, not all outcomes are predictable and not all successes can be measured. However, each step that we take towards making these achievements brings new hope and healing.

Ultimately, looking down at a patient who has healed and is smiling is priceless and makes every moment worth it. It made me realize all the attributes that are expected of one in the nursing profession such to include being ethical, compassionate, trustworthy, hardworking, and caring (Boykin, 2008). Effect on my Response to Caring in Future Through the assignment, I finally understand that nursing does not unavoidably need words to make a difference. All it takes is putting in hard work, lending in support and simply being there for my patients knowing that at the end of the day it makes a major impact on their lives.

Although nurses are responsible for the technical hands-on care in medical facilities, the part that really matters is being there to care for the patients and make a difference in their health (Boykin, 2008). I believe that the extent of compassion we extend to others determines who we are as individuals. In addition, I will most likely be able to comprehend that all patients are dissimilar and have wavering needs when it comes to the nature of care likely to be extended to them.

This will likely help me bond better with the patients and create a lasting bond of trust.


Boykin, A., & Schoenhofer, S. (2008). Nursing as caring: A model for transforming practice. Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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