Communication in Nursing – Care Example

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"Communication in Nursing" is an engrossing example of a paper on care. I was not feeling very well and therefore had to go in for examination in a local health care center. The healthcare providers were only two and therefore were under a lot of pressure. I had to wait a while for treatment and when my time came, the nurse was very rude and very uncooperative. She did not even wait for me to complete describing my symptoms and kept on jumping to conclusions and physically hurting me in the name of conducting an examination.

Complains I made were met with a stern face and rude remarks. Eventually, I was fed up and left to go in search of a health care facility with a cooperative healthcare provider who was ready to listen to me. Was your impression one of the providers caring about you or non-caring? The health care provider was clearly very uncaring. It was either she had burned out due to the stress of being overworked or was clearly a very rude and uncouth person and was unfriendly.

She did not even offer a smile or try and be friendly when trying to talk to me. Health care providers are supposed to show compassion and smile encouragingly to the patients in trying to comfort them. This was not the case with this particular nurse who seemed ready to just prescribe painkiller drugs to me so that I could just leave her alone already. What cues – verbal or non-verbal – gave you the impression described in #2 above? Use Tables 2-2 and 2-3 in your textbook to those who describe the cues. Her facial expression was grim and she had no smile which is an indication of being unfriendly.

She also kept on shaking her head and making negative remarks that were snide as to how slow I was or complaining that I was asking too many questions trying to question her work or her credibility as a nurse. Her appearance also was an indication of how she was not in the mood of working or was very tired. Her clothes were creased and her hair was disheveled and she kept on messing her hair and scratching her head as well as chewing her lower lip like her mind was too tired to even work (Riley, 2011). If the provider was caring, what did he/she do well? She was a bit caring as she was kind enough to offer me her comfortable seat as the seat in the examination room was too high for me to reach.

She also wished me quick recovery once I told her I was going to another health care facility. Those were the only two things to show she was caring. If the provider was not caring, what could he/she have done better She should have welcomed me with a smile and acted friendly.

The other thing is to be compassionate as well as patient during an examination. This would have made me more comfortable and feel more attended to and I would not have needed to go to another health care facility to seek the treatment. When patients receive constant complaints from the health care provider, they feel uncared for. The nurse should refrain from complaining at all or complaining openly within the earshot of the patient.

The health care provider should have also been keener to listen to my symptoms as I was describing them and not seem bored by the constant yawning she kept on making or the constant tapping of her pen on the table.


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