Comparing a PhD vs DNP in Nursing – Care Example

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"Comparing a Ph. D. vs DNP in Nursing" is a wonderful example of a paper on care. On many occasions, DNP nurses find themselves associated with a team of researchers in the application research arena. Implementation and overseeing the quality improvement of hospital initiatives are some of the roles of DNP nurses. Therefore, as a prepared DNP nurse, some of my roles in facilitating the translation of research to practice will be to ensure quality improvement owing to my knowledge in implementing process models, theories, and frameworks. With the growing data on medical records in large heath care organizations, I will effectively apply my expertise in understanding how to use great analytic data tools to improve data systems in the hospital. Coupled with skills and knowledge posed by DNP nurses, they can impact the operations, performance, and influencing clinical practice implementation.

I believe that my clinical instruction skill will be very vital in this process (Rautman et al. , . 2018). I will have some roles in ensuring that the research findings and the hospital programs are ultimately engagingly shared with others. My academic and clinical background would influence health policies and different levels as well as cost-effectiveness and patient care strategy within the hospital.

I will also affect the research-based interventions necessary for improving patient outcomes. The outcome will be different in terms of the provision of solutions to help facilitate the clinical translation process. Since they have the knowledge and expertise required in the clinical translation process, their absence means that the whole process would be a total failure. the solution to leadership competence within the organization. Effective communication would also be lacking because some key could not be translated to come up with a detailed research report. Discussion post 2DNP and Ph. D.

are both regarded as terminal degrees for nurses. The degree indicates the clinical expertise of the nurse in his or her field. However, there exists a variance between them. Ph. D. focuses more on research, while DNP is focused more on clinical practice (Androus, 2018). The career goals of the nurse determine which degree path to choose. The two career paths also differ in items of roles they perform; Ph. D. nurses develop procedures, policies, and implementation of a workflow using evidence-based research aligned with standards of care.

Also, in the DPN program, there is an immersive clinical program required of one graduate. How the nurses, generate, translate and utilize professional knowledge also differs. Since both nurses have a different educational curriculum, proposing an evidence-based solution and identifying an issue in health care are some of the capstone projects that a DNP student must complete. The project is required to maintain a specific clinical area, as opposed to Ph. D. programs (Gaines, 2018). Ph. D.

program tends to be research-based; completing a dissertation and research project is necessary for a student to graduate. DNP nurses are tasked with prescribing medication, perform patient observation and physical observation, collaborate with other health care specialists, and many more. On the other hand, Ph. D. nurses identify a research question, design, and conduct scientific research. They also engage in proposal applications for grants to fund their research. The health care field is dominated by several career opportunities experienced by the Doctorate of Nursing Practice students. Some of the career opportunities available for NDP nurses; Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Health Care Lobbyist, Clinical Researcher, health care executive, and Nursing faculty.

NDPs generate evidence to guide the current changing practices by being involved in clinical research for patient improvement outcomes. They also coordinate patient care in addition to offering specialist health care services when they become Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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