Conflicts in Nursing – Care Example

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"Conflicts in Nursing" is a wonderful example of a paper on care. Notably, in the medical field, numerous barriers face nurses and medical practitioners. The barriers have overreaching effects on the quality of healthcare given to the patient. This owes to the disagreement which arises out of these barriers (Amoah et al. , 2019). The Major obstacles that affect the relationship between nurses and the patients’ families include job-related problems, difficulties with patients, and patient needs misunderstandings. Patient Needs MisunderstandingsA dispute arises when there is a difference in beliefs between the patients and the nurses.

The same is exhibited between health care providers and patient families. The most common contestation that has prevailed in this area is the contestation of the treatment approach, whether traditional or western medicine. In most cases, the patient’ s families prefer the use of western medicine. They have a negative impression regarding traditional medicine usage as they regard it as having been overtaken by events. The dispute will worsen in the scenario where the nurse has explained to the family the relevance of traditional medicine in curing a given condition. Additional misunderstanding arises where family members of the patient confront the nurses.

This arises when the family members feel that nurses are not giving the patient adequate and effective healthcare as they would deserve. Additionally, some family members engage in confrontation with the nurses when they visit the health facilities during service hours. Despite being discouraged from visiting the patients, these family members force themselves to the patient’ s wards. Nurses use forceful means when interacting with family members to make sure that they adhere to the instructions given to them. For example, nurses may scold family members when they are giving them prescriptions on how they should take their medications and which diet they should take.

This forceful nature of the nurses makes family members feel that nurses are intimating them. Nurses tend to feel that they are superior, whereas the other family members feel that they are inferior. With this mentality, the relationship between nurses and patient's family members is greatly affected. Job ProblemsNurses, as well as family members, have various job problems that center on their lives. For nurses, they may be in jobs that deny them a decent life.

For example, their housing structures may be going them much pressure and stress. In some hospitals, there tend to be fewer nurses, which in effect contributes towards nurses' burnout(Lu et al. , 2005). This reduces morale and, in effect, contributes to negative patient outcomes. Family members on their part may be engaged in jobs that give them so much pressure hence divert their stress to the nurses attending their patients. Difficulties with patientsNotably, some patients are a hard knuckle to deal with.

This is usually contributed by the fact that some patients do not take prescriptions given to them with the seriousness that they deserve. This brings in misunderstandings between nurses and patients as nurses want some prescription followed, but patients act in total disregard of the outlined prescription. Moreover, some nurses tend to misdiagnose the patients, which angers the family members when they realize that nurses gave the wrong prescription to the patients. The friction is a great source of conflict between the family members and the patients and may lead to the institution of legal charges.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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