Core Values for a Nurse – Care Example

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"Core Values for a Nurse" is an engrossing example of a paper on care. My personal philosophy of nursing is to help care for people and provide them hope and courage to deal with their most challenging problems in life. In this paper, I will discuss my personal philosophy on nursing, what professional values are most important to me, and will also outline how these core values actually suit my personality and professional orientation. My core values include Christian care and global community commitment and through my study, I plan to expand on these values and improve my knowledge base to actually inculcate these core values in my daily nursing practices.

Integrating Christian faith into practice actually allows nurses to become more compassionate about the way they interact with the patients. It also facilitates an added advantage to provide service above self and become truly involved in serving God through its people. This value is more important for me because I believe this can help me evolve as a better human being as well. I feel that people suffer and this suffering can be relieved if a professional healthcare provider is deeply and spiritually connected with the profession.

Since holistic approaches to nursing require nurses to provide spiritual, emotional, and physical support to patients, it is therefore important that a nurse must also carry a certain degree of faith (Daniels, 2004). My second core value is that of the global community commitment as I am from Nigeria and have really seen a lot of people suffering due to lack of resources. Growing up in Nigeria, I have seen people dying because of poverty, lack of parental care, lack of proper medical facilities, and, above all, shortage of trained and skilled medical professionals to provide health care support.

At the global level, there are countless people who are going to die because they cannot have access to doctors and nurses due to various reasons. Being a nurse and from a poor country, I strongly believe that I must actively participate in community activities in order to broaden my scope and experience. I have some experience as a patient care technician and during those 7 years, I have learned many things that have shaped my philosophy about nursing and how a nurse should practice.

These two values require me to focus on having faith in my own abilities because without having faith in my ability to serve, I may not be able to deliver professional assistance. I, therefore, believe that it is critically more important to deliver personal character traits such as empathy, time management, compassion as well as effective communication as these qualities will definitely help me to better improve my role as a nurse and also as a better person (Lundy & Janes, 2009). ConclusionAs a nurse, I believe that I need to grow two important core values of Christian caring and having global community commitment.

In order to inculcate both these values in my daily practice I, however, require developing certain personal qualities such as empathy, compassion, time management as well as more commitment to my work.  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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