End of Life Planning and Care Consideration – Care Example

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"End of Life Planning and Care Consideration" is an engrossing example of a paper on care. As soon as the individual starts approaching old age the psychology changes and there is a constant poring of thought related to end-of-life care. The chronological age, as well as the physical and mental states of the individuals, plays a vital role in providing the wisdom to define the issue for self and take legal advice for the end-of-life and old age predicaments. Age brings augmentation in care of the self and also the desire arose in every elderly individual that relates to the self-care, friends, and family and there is little delineation between the physical illness as well as mental incompetence.

Any impedance in old age that relates to communication impairs the elderly individual to a greater extent. Life brings different pages for everyone. There is no similarity between any two individuals even though they belong to the same community or cultural background. Essentially every individual has to plan for the end-of-life in a different manner. As the pages of life unfold the situation starts changing and individuals feel the difference with the progressing age. Some elderly individuals have well-planned old age expenditure while others may not have the same.

This kind of planning depends on the appropriate guidance, planning, level of education, and also to a greater extent aware of the individual. In certain cases individuals may not have saved anything for their old age as they believe that they have kids to look after them and so they do not save much but as the kids grow, their responsibilities also grow with them and it becomes all the more shocking when one witness that the kids have left home for their work and education and to build their own career. A shock of being lonely is highly detrimental and may surround the individual with further deterioration in the health condition or the elderly individual may come across with the tough situation where some chronic or acute illness surrounds the individual where the expenses are tough to meet.

In certain cases, the situation further deteriorates when the loss and grief are anticipated well in advance and reaction to loss inculcates the feeling of emotional sadness before death resulting in negative talks which the younger generation may not appreciate.

Some individuals in their old age state seeking the attention of those who are associated with them. They want the caretaker and care provider should attend to each and every move. The situation further deteriorates if elderly individuals encounter Alzheimer's or Parkinson's' Disease. Social and cultural predicaments are vital for the younger adults and children of the elderly individual together with the procedure of the treatment impeding institutional barriers as well as a health care professional barriers.

Communication with the patient play s an important role in consideration of the condition in end-of-life care. The patient must not be kept in dark and should trust the reports and follow the treatment guidelines. Respect in care choices must be maintained together with the education of the patient which is of paramount significance in all sorts of solutions to the problems.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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