Ethical Decision Making in Nursing – Care Example

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"Ethical Decision Making in Nursing" is a decent example of a paper on care. The role of the health care industry and its practitioners has played a significant role in the lives of numerous people around the world. That principle is the reason why I am motivated to become a part of that industry in the future as a nurse. First and foremost, a nurse is a health care professional.   It is the job of the nurse to assist the doctors and to take general care of the patient. In this situation, the nurse is exposed to whatever infection the patient has or any contamination among the equipment in the hospital.

Work in health care institutions is truly principled and give a direct impact on an individual’ s life. However, I should also investigate what could be the possible lifestyle or habit a professional may experience in the workplace. However, that does not end there. In any health care organization, there is a great possibility that ethical issues may arise on different parties. To better determine the factors should I have knowledge about with regards to being a nurse, I need to know first the classification of the ethical issues in health care institutions.

It can be classified into two: management and research issues. Ethical issues in healthcare management directly involve the system and type of supervision a particular institution is implementing. This covers the issue of patient information protection and the protection of healthcare professionals from various viruses and diseases that may be transmitted by the patient to them. The second class is ethical issues in health care research which involve medical research and how the institution adjusts to the current technology and to the demographic and on how they will price each service with new technology or super niche. One thing that I have currently noticed is that most hospitals sometimes charge an incredibly high fee for the health care services they offer.

A good example is the case of Medicare. Medicare has put a limit on their budget allocation on physical, occupational, and speech therapy and has increased their service fee for people who may need it. Most clients who need the mentioned therapies are older professionals and seniors.

The patients would have to pay out a minimum of $1,740, which puts them in financial, physical, and mental burden. The apparent ethical issue here is to where the health care practitioner truly gives his service; it is really for the patient or for the financial situation of the company? The increasing cost of healthcare has caused raised several ethical issues in healthcare ranging from the facility itself to lawmakers. Health care professionals should decide well for themselves who do they really serve for, Being a nurse does not allow to have tremendous amounts of income compared to other jobs.

Though others may actually be given an opportunity to have a high income; it depends on the difficulty or specialization of a certain assignment. And this difficulty may bid sacrifices over one’ s health condition. So in this kind of profession, it is important that health care services should be affordable and fair.   Just like in any other kind of industry, ethical and moral issues in the health care business are usual stuff. Health care professionals deal not only with situations that all have a direct bearing over someone’ s life but also to other relevant aspects of it.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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