Fall Prevention and the Appropriate Body Mechanics to Fall Properly – Care Example

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"Fall Prevention and the Appropriate Body Mechanics to Fall Properly" is a wonderful example of a paper on care. Senior citizens of an independent living community, Casa Montego, located in Walnut Creek California were interviewed and assessed by California State University Concord nursing students during the months of October and November of 2012. The purpose of the health assessment and the interview was for nursing students to gather useful information by taking Senior resident’ s vital signs, which included taking their blood pressures, blood glucose levels,   as well as performing an interview to further learn and document resident’ s cultural backgrounds, medical histories, eating habits, as well as their concerns.

Groups consisting of 4 to 5 students shared the collected data to analyze and pinpoint important health information most beneficial for the health of the senior citizen that could later be incorporated as a part of a health-teaching demonstration during a scheduled health fair at Casa Montego by the nursing students. This project focused on fall prevention specifically for elder citizens of the community; an essential NIC nursing intervention. Following documentation and careful analysis of the data collected from eight residents of Casa Montego (see Appendix A), the student’ s goal was to address the resident’ s concerns regarding falls.   To this end, a decision was made to demonstrate simple ways residents can avoid falls and injuries based on available scientific research.

The two behavioral objectives were for the senior residents to learn four simple habits that can be integrated into their daily routine to prevent accidental falls.   In addition to what necessary steps are required to be followed to prevent major injury in case of an accidental fall, the study sought to actively engage the shareholders.

The two learning objectives are designed to minimize the residents’ chances of falling and in case of a fall, reduce injuries sustained from this. The teaching plan selected (detailed in Appendix B) is appropriate for the citizen’ s age group given that it takes into consideration a specific teaching style with the purpose of keeping the information relevant to the senior's needs.   It, therefore, motivates the seniors to want to learn in addition to keeping them interested and tuned in during the teaching demonstration.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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