Innovated Nursing Care Model – Care Example

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"Innovated Nursing Care Model" is a perfect example of a paper on care. It focuses on the management of patients in acute care settings. Its key elements outline the most important points that are essential for the safety and positive outcomes of the patients’ care in the acute care setting. The vision statement of the University of Miami Hospital states that “ The University of Miami Health System delivers high-caliber, compassionate health care; advances patient care through applied research; educates the next generation of medical leaders, and contributes to a healthier world. ”   However, the primary care team model focuses on the improvement of quality of care, improvement of patient safety, and physician and staff satisfaction.

This vision of the University of Miami Hospital reflects on the primary team approach through their values of excellence, compassion, discovery, collaboration, leadership, and integrity. Development Team for innovated nursing care model To implement the primary care team model, a Senior Registered Nurse would be put in charge to manage the assignment of patients according to acuity. Consequently, a well-coordinated plan for the length of stay with the case management will be adopted.

The Nursing Assistant will also have a part to play in the mission. The duty will be to assist with answering call lights in a timely manner thus improving patients’ satisfaction. On the other hand, the House Keeper’ s input will be required as well and this would be to maintain the area clean thus, improving the work environment. Physicians will be keeping the line of communication open between nursing and involving the patient in their own care. Incorporation of the selected model into my work settings To implement the Primary care model in my current work setting, I would start with the role of a Senior Nurse.

The delegation will be essential in the allocation of patients. The more complex patients will be attended to by the most experienced nurses. This would give less chance for errors while allowing the newer nurse to help and learn at the same time without stress. The senior nurse should also be free from the patient. This allows them to attend to an emergency situation and assist physicians in minor procedures that could happen in acute care settings.

Case management is also important in the handling of patient transportation to and from hospital to hospital transfer. Case management should salon assist with ethical issues that arise and help coordinate meetings with higher-ups if the situation arises. Involving the Certified Nursing Assistant in the patient plan of care is important to achieve the primary care model. The role of the housekeeper is important too. Communicating with housekeeping to let them know which patient has been downgraded to a less acute setting.

This helps by the timely cleaning of the room in order to admit quicker from the Emergency Department or from an emergency in the hospital such as a cardiac arrest from the floor.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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