Institution Choice: Advanced Nurse Practitioner – Care Example

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"Institution Choice: Advanced Nurse Practitioner" is a worthy example of a paper on care. It’ s to the benevolent of every man to provide quality services based on ethics and professionalism. This calls for adequate facilities provision as well as a favorable working environment. As an advanced nurse, I would be privileged to work in an organization that embraces my career position roles such as Sonoma Developmental Center, based in the city of Eldridge, Sonoma County in California.   As a matter of fact, California is not flooded with nurse practitioners as it’ s in major cities such as New York and Washington DC, hence attracting better pay.     Note also, with some bit of isolation, I would exercise independence deemed at acquiring customer satisfaction.     Although teamwork and inter-profession interaction adds to a practitioner’ s performance, independency competency based on the critical and reflective decisions would guarantee full accountability (Lazarus, 2006).

  Moreover, the above institution has several registered nurses both in the clinical and non-clinical sectors, which are just enough to allow inter-profession interactions. With the aim of improving health care in the region, the organization ought to be managed by advanced nurse executives.   Although California is not as technologically advantaged as some other regions,     its health care providing organization is adequately equipped.

Healthcare provision systems are available in major hospitals. Moreover, lifelong education policy is really in the state, hence creating an opportunity to advance my competence whenever need be.   California has several nursing schools equipped with nurse educators. Therefore there is a flow of relevant information. As an advanced nurse practitioner, literature is very vital as it enables us to analyze each patient’ s situation differently and make an informed decision.

It’ s for this reason that these training zones would increase my capability as a practitioner.   Being placed in California,     my position would be manned by the board of registered Nurses (BRN).   Noteworthy, the BRN is a body that regulates California registered nurse and works in line with the Nursing Practice act. According to the nursing practice act, it is the duty of nurses to promote health.   It is also the duty of nurses to empower individuals to become independent again by providing adequate and quality care. The above constitute BRNs main objective, which is to protect the public rights from being violated by the RNs.

As matter of fact, an opportunity to join BRN as one of the members would be a great favor. However, following my passion for patients and the satisfaction that I derive from improving their health status, I prefer working in a hospital. Note that the BRN, members primarily supervise, license, approve, and evaluate nurses but do not directly interact with patients.   For a nurse to be termed as an advanced practitioner, he or she must have acquired a master’ s degree in nursing.

He or she also ought to have acquired enough knowledge to enable them to provide direct and indirect care to patients including scientific knowledge required to diagnose patients (Lazarus, 2006).   Therefore, I won’ t mind if the healthcare center lacks a physician. In fact, a lack of physicians would bring about higher accountability.  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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