Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing – Care Example

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"Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing" is a great example of a paper on care. Nursing provides collaborative care to sick ones. It is widely practiced around the globe for its quality care. The world is significantly changing due to new trends taking place every day. Recent development has changed the concept of nursing in the medical field. Strategic planning that includes strengthening the regulatory process, improving information systems for quality monitoring, strengthening the caregiving workforce, providing consumers with useful information, strengthening consumer advocacy, developing and implementing practice guidelines, and changing the culture of nursing facilities.

Health care centers or hospitals should focus on providing training and knowledge to trainees that enhance their skills and promotes efficiency and effectiveness. Stakeholders and competitors are the internal and external forces that create an impact. Stakeholders include trustees and physicians who have a major stake over organizational function. For effective management and control over all functions, stakeholders need to be more focused and skilled in taking effective decisions. Competitors are the outside factors including the government or political forces that influence the organization's function. Nursing is the most neglected profession in society.

There is a great shortage of experienced and skilled nurses in health care centers. However, counseling is being done to change people's perceptions regarding this occupation. Many doctors and experts are working for the betterment of nurses worldwide that attracts females to adopt such a profession as a career. It is the duty of the management to provide a friendly and hygienic environment to nurses, provide proper guidelines for patient’ s health care, provide an effective level of education and qualification programs for awareness and implement satisfying policies that generate motivation. Outside forces are the major factor influencing the nursing profession.

People still hold a negative picture of this profession. However western countries have totally changed the concept of nursing by providing a bachelor's program in the field of nursing. We should promote positive aspects regarding nursing to the people to have a clear understanding. They are the caretakers who are trained to provide quality care to the patients as the population of patients rises due to new diseases that occurred every day.

Hospitals and healthcare centers recruit those candidates who are educated and skilled in the field. There are many stakeholders in the field of nursing who have been positively and negatively affecting the progression and success in it. Maintaining a good relationship between the stakeholders is the key to success. In the past projects developing a good relationship with the stakeholders like practitioners, competitors, consumers, and health care providers were tough at first because they threatened the progress and success of our project. Although consumers and learning Institutions work hand in hand and pose a positive influence in this field but to gain acceptance by the practitioners and health care providers is rather tricky because they expect the best as they invest their own profits in programs of educating nurses.

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Marquis, B. L., & Huston, C. J. (2006). Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: Theory and application. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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