Legal Aspects of Nursing and Health Care – Care Example

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"Legal Aspects of Nursing and Health Care" is a perfect example of a paper on care. Mr. Antonio Garcia's case is analyzed in this paper. Mr. Garcia had a mental problem and the police took him to the hospital. The police left him under managed care and he admitted that he wanted to commit suicide. The nurses and staff in charge did not watch him closely and he managed to escape and committed suicide. This happened as a result of negligence and malpractice. Mr. Garcia’ s wife sued the management for negligence. Mr.

Antonio Garcia escaped from the hospital after the police had left under managed care. Though he was left under the care of the hospital’ s management, he managed to escape. The staff did not show any concern for Mr. Garcia even after admitting that he wanted to commit suicide. This shows that poor quality management exists in that hospital. Failure of nurses to care brought a lot of conflict between the patient and family members. Malpractice and negligence are evidenced in this case. High quality of work is recommended by the management not only in hospitals but also in other related institutions. Effective and Efficient Documentation of Work Documentation of work should be applied in most of the work setups.

It is one of the principles in protecting the safety of a patient. In Antonio’ s case, there was no proper data record to be followed up in the hospital after he escaped. Many nurses in hospital setups are supposed to take precautions to avoid malpractice (Dimond, 2011). In this case, management and nurses in charge could have done the data analysis, recording, and documentation of the admission of Mr.

Antonio. Defendants In the Antonio Garcia case, parties who are required to be taken in civil law courts are the nurses, police, and the hospital management team. In the court, they are required to make the first appearance voluntarily in response to a summons. After Antonio’ s admission, Nurses did not take care of the psychiatric clinic. Secondly, the police left before following up to ensure Mr. Antonia was admitted. The hospital management team failed to monitor the conditions and ongoing treatment of Mr. Antonio.

In this case, the elements of malpractice and negligence are evidenced because the standards of effective care are not met by the hospital management team (Dimond, 2011). Liable Defendants In comparison with Antonio’ s case, the defendants include the Nurses, police, and management. They caused a lot of harm to the patient and the rest of the family members. The reason for this, they applied the element of negligence in the patient from the time he was left by police until when he escaped. According to Griffith (2010), legal issues are becoming a problem in today’ s hospital set up.

Many people are interested in the job of nursing, but without medical knowledge, now hiring is a problem due to legal issues. Court Rulings The court would rule appropriately by holding the nurses, the facility, and police reliable. In Antonio's case, a judge must sign a court order. In the ongoing process, Court rulings official proclamations by the judge have to define legal relationships between Mr. Antonio and the police and nurses. The Court rulings that support my opinions are like teachers and pupils cases in schools (Griffith, 2010).

In this case, the court has enough evidence to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Similar to this case, parents can sue the teachers in case a child fails in the exam when the teacher failed to attend some lessons.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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