Management and Leadership in Nursing – Care Example

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"Management and Leadership in Nursing" is an engrossing example of a paper on care. Nursing is a discipline that is very sensitive and requires highly skilled individuals to join this field. For this reason, before one becomes a nurse, they should be interviewed by skilled people in this field. However, evaluation is the most crucial part of an employee’ s development. Nurses are evaluated to make sure they provide quality services to the patients. Evaluation of nurses is important because of the following reasons. First and foremost, it forces nurses to be hard-working with the fear of being sucked.

Secondly, the evaluation of nurses ensures quality work and services delivered to the patients. Lastly, evaluation ensures the employees are disciplined in the work. It ensures that they are punctual and also doing the right thing all the time. However, evaluation discourages the worker since they will always feel insecure and without freedom.   Other than the above demerit, evaluation is the most important part of employee development (Yoder-Wise, 2015). Performance appraisal is a formal interaction between an employee and their manager. There are however different types of performance appraisals as discussed below.

To begin with, the critical incident method is whereby work well done by the employee is noted. More so, work done by the employee, and the required improvement is also recorded. However, this type of appraisal is bias since in most cases; it is only the negativity of an employee that is noted. The graphical rating scale is considered the oldest method of appraisal. In this case, the manager checks the progress of their employees. This method saves time and can allow for multiple comparisons.

However, it is biased since different supervisors might view the scale differently. Lastly, a behaviorally anchored rating scale involves setting indicators to determine the effectiveness of work done by the employees. It is a good appraisal since it gives exact results. However, it is difficult to set the indicators since one must be able to determine what is good or bad (Yoder-Wise, 2015). The selection of staff is a crucial process in every organization. It involves the candidates to submit a detailed CV to the department. The CV’ s are later reviewed and the qualified individuals are called up for an interview.

The interview involves both theoretical and practical work. The successive candidates are employed as staff. However, this process is discriminated in away. There might be staff who favor one candidate because they are related or they share some features. For this reason, current staff should not be involved in the selection process (Keenan, Hurst & Yoder-Wise, 1995). Rewards are given to motivate workers. In my workplace, workers are rewarded with trophies because of their exemplary performance. These rewards are beneficial since they motivate other employees.

On similar lines, Nurses would want to be rewarded with promotion and also salary increment (Keenan, Hurst & Yoder-Wise, 1995). After the staff is selected, it is always important for them to be oriented. For this reason, they should be taken around the institution and introduced to old workers. More so, introduced to their new departments and guided on how to handle the institution’ s equipment (Ellis & Hartley, 2008). Lastly, a director must follow the following steps in terms of strategic planning and marketing.

First, he should determine whether the pre-set goals were met. If not, set up new strategies to meet them. If yes, the manager should identify a goal, determine what is required to meet them. Then, implement the decision procedure to accomplish the task (Ellis & Hartley, 2008).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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