Maters Prepared Nurses Career – Care Example

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"Maters Prepared Nurses Career" is a worthy example of a paper on care. The interview conducted was of a Lady who had graduated from Phoenix University and had received her academic certification after taking online classes from this institution. She has become an Advance Practitioner registered Nurse (APRN) and has also received her Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) as well. Apart from these two accolades, the interviewee has also received her Nurse Practitioner Certification from the American Nurses Association (ANA) and as a result, can be considered to be an accomplished professional in her line of work.

This can be said due to the fact that she has moved past the minimum requirements that are needed for one to practice nursing and has gone beyond to attain further credentials through furthering her education in this career. Overall, her complete credentials would appear as such, APRN, MSN, BC (Board Certified). The term Board-certified indicates that these credentials have been approved by required bodies in the nursing profession needed to formalize the achievements that have been stated above (Newhouse et al, 2011). Her specialty is based in Pediatrics which requires her to complete a 150 Continuous Educational course in the space of 4 years in order for her to complete her certification.

She will also need to complete at least 7 contact hours of educational courses every two years in order for her to maintain her certification as well. Two of the mentioned 7 contact hours will have to be pharmaceutical hours to allow her the ability to write out prescriptions for the patients that she deals with. She will also need to collaborate with a physician so as to practice her profession as an Advance Practitioner registered Nurse.

Without working under a physician, she will not be able to practice this profession. Reason for seeking graduate education She chose this area of work so as to provide adequate healthcare for pregnant teenagers within the Mississippi region that she had noticed was sorely lacking. Due to her dissatisfaction with the available healthcare to teenagers, she decided to return to school so that she could be in a position to help them. Description of present position and role Her present position is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Infection Control, and Staff Educator.

Under these roles, she deals with a number of responsibilities such as treatment of sick children and handling infections to ensure that they are eliminated and do not continue to spread in an individual who may be suffering from them(Newhouse et al, 2011). She is also responsible for training the staff on various issues dealing with medical practice. This staff may comprise of new individuals who need to be educated on various subjects or old members as well who need to be trained on new procedures and other related topics. The usefulness of graduate education for the present role There is a lot of use of graduate education in her present role as it enables her to be in a better position to perform the various duties that are required of her (Newhouse et al, 2011).

This includes activities such as training members of staff which she would not have been able to do had she not gone back to school to learn the topics she now trains others on. Some of the pearls of wisdom she was willing to share with me included advice such as determination is one of the major keys to success and allows an individual to reach their goals.

She also told me that without hard work, accomplishing one’ s goals will remain but a distant dream.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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