Mental Health Concepts and Nursing Practise – Care Example

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"Mental Health Concepts and Nursing Practise"  is an engrossing example of a paper on care. General Information Correlation between the Mental Health Concepts and Nursing Practise In medical terms, mental health can be related to the psychological profile of an individual in terms of being socially as well as emotionally stable. The concept also helps in identifying the behavioral trait projected by individuals when subjected to pleasure as well as stressful situations (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014).   Specific Information Identify the Target Group and Assess Learning Needs of This Target Group   Against the above-discussed backdrop, this assignment will be targeting individuals between the ages of 20 and above with mental health problems.

The assignment will also be evaluating the causes and development stages of hypertension as the risk factor. Hypertension can be duly considered as one of the major health care issues which have a significant impact on the mental health of an individual. In the context of this mental illness, an interview was conducted on a local African American community with the appropriate guidance of the medical professionals. The appropriate evaluation of the collected data clearly suggested that the probability of occurrence of hypertension is highly prominent in the black community rather than the whites.     Identify the most important mental health issues and content for this target population.

Interview clients/ families, and health care professionals to assess the appropriateness of content and determine priorities. Moreover, the primary prevention issue that can be related to this mental illness is its detection (Pratt, 1995). The primary category of hypertension does not get detected easily. It might be in the form of a hereditary transmitted issue. The second prevention issue is to attain control over the other related health anomalies that occur as a side effect of hypertension.

Prevention and control over hypertension depend on the mentality, habits, and the will power of the patients living with the illness. Thus, convincing them to change their surrounding environment turned out to be a primary prevention issue related to hypertension. Identify the goals of the teaching activity The goals of the teaching activities regarding hypertension can be categorized into two parts. The first part is related to primary hypertension where the medical practitioners mainly aim towards identifying the intensity of the patient’ s hypertension.

The second part aims at mentally convincing those patients who are subjected to secondary hypertension. Specify people and organizational resources in the community appropriate to the target group (local, regional, national) The study will be majorly focusing on the participation of local medical experts along with psychological experts who will be capable of elaborating on the patients regarding the types of related mental health issues that they might get subjected to because of hypertension. Determine specific plans such as the timing of program, length, intervention modes be used, evaluation/feedback tools and responsibility for specific content. Program Timing- 10 am to 10.45 am Program length- 45 minutes Intervention mode- direct questioning and medical analysis Evaluation / Feedback- surveyed questions, medical examination report, pre-test, and post-test evaluation Responsibilities- analyzing the percentage of the population subjected to identified mental health issues Design a method to evaluate the impact of your teaching project.

Evaluation methods may include written feedback,   verbal feedback, and pre-post test. The design of the evaluation method will be in the form of a real-time medical check-up where the targeted group will be invited and provided with free medical analysis.

The results attained from this medical evaluation will be presented to the patients both in verbal as well as in the formal written report. Appropriate feedback will also be provided in accordance with the concerned medical examiners. In addition, a pre-test evaluation form will be provided to the targeted group prior to the inception of the teaching program. Simultaneously, the post-test evaluation sheet will also be provided to them after the winding up of the teaching program (refer to appendix). The responses obtained from the targeted group, prior to and after the teaching program will be duly compared for determining the disparities.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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