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"My Philosophy on Nursing and My Nursing Goals" is an outstanding example of a paper on care. I always desired to help people and when I choose to study and practice nursing, I knew that I had made the right decision. As a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN), I believe that setting goals is crucial in helping me better myself career-wise as well as for the well-being of the patients I take career of as part of my obligation. Improving the health of the patients remains to be one of my lifelong personal goals and right from the time I joined nursing, I knew that education and advice from my lecturers and other persons in the nursing field would be vital in helping me achieve this goal.

Graduating from nursing with good grades was quite an achievement but just the beginning of the many goals I have set for myself. My next goal is to pursue a Master’ s of Science in Nursing and become a Nurse Practitioner (Royal College of Nursing 15-20). As nurses, we are not only concerned with our lives, our career success, and the level of salaries but the well-being of our patients remains crucial.

I have always appreciated the American Nursing Association's definition of nursing, which points out that practicing nursing entails protecting, promoting, and enhancing our services as nurses to help alleviate the misery of patients through diagnosis and treatment. I thus believe that the learning process should be continuous to enable us to deal with the changes in technology as well as developments in diagnosis and treatment procedures that characterize our careers (Royal College of Nursing 5-12). During my BSN studies, I started developing my personal philosophy regarding nursing.

I realized that being a nurse required dedication and desire to provide the best care to all irrespective of their religious beliefs, race, ethnicity, or any other form of diversity. However, this assignment has given me an opportunity to reflect on my beliefs and values regarding nursing practice. My philosophy is that nursing is a career for people interested in offering individualized, safe, and patient-centered attention and care to patients.

I believe this is very important since it determines my interactions with my colleagues as well as with the patients. I have always considered the Pender’ s Health Promotion Model crucial in my personal nursing practice since it clearly defines my personal responsibility as a nurse in enhancing the provision of apposite health services. I believe that as a nurse, I should always work in collaboration with individuals, families, and communities to generate the most suitable environment for the manifestation of the finest health and elevated well-being (Rich 405-407). I believe that I should always focus on empowering patients to be more self-sufficient by enabling them to realize their crucial role in their healing rapidity.

Another aspect I strongly believe in is professionalism. Nurses should provide evidence-based care, which ensures that patients get the best possible care. Additionally, professionalism enables nurses to work harmoniously with other medical professionals for quality services. Moreover, I believe that as a nurse, I should always aim at enhancing the recovery of patients or helping patients cope with illnesses in cases where better health effects cannot be achieved.

Additionally, I trust that a good patient-nurse relationship is crucial in enabling proper communication and quick recovery of patients. The communication should involve teaching the patients on aspects regarding their health to enable them to partake in the prevention of recurrence of preventable infections or illnesses. Like I mentioned earlier, learning should be the goal of nurses and should include research. This will enable the provision of up to date medical care (Rich 395-402). Having a philosophy is important since I am always guided by a certain values not only in my professional life but also in personal life.

Having the right philosophy and goals is inevitable if I am to succeed in my career life and maintain the well-being of the patients.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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