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"Nurses Working Condition" is a great example of a paper on care. To a great extent, most of the work involving patients care lies with the nurses. They are an integral part of the health care system as they also provide useful insights that seek to improve the quality of services offered to patients. Nurses are also important to any facility that offers health care as they are the ones who enhance the credibility of health institutions in the way that they handle and take care of the patients.

It is unfortunate that these nurses have been left out of the decision-making process regarding their work terms and conditions. This memorandum seeks to address the problems that nurses deal with in their line of duty, and provide solutions as well as give proposals as to how to improve the working conditions of nurses. In this hospital, nurses need an improvement in their working conditions. On a daily basis, nurses spend most of their time-bending, stretching, and standing. This increases their vulnerability to developing back complications as they also have to lift and move patients around.

In their work, nurses are exposed to various infections as they find themselves attending to different patients with different diseases, some of which are infectious and potentially dangerous. In addition, their job requires that they are around dangerous substances and chemicals. This calls for them to take safety precautions so as to avoid the dangers associated with accidental needle sticks, exposure to radiation, and also guarding themselves against accidental spills of sterilizing chemicals. Long working hours and understaffing is another problem that nurses in this hospital have to deal with.

These long working hours result to fatigued staff that has a very high chance of making errors which could be fatal to the lives of patients or even the nurses themselves. In response to these problems, the hospital needs to come up with a plan that aims at increasing the number of nurses working in the hospital this will significantly decrease the workload that every nurse has, and result in happier and more relaxed nurses in the hospital. Recruiting more staff will also mean that the nurses will work for fewer hours a day and they will have more time to spend with their families and loved ones.

In addition, the quality of service given to patients will significantly increase and this means that the hospital will become the health facility of choice to many individuals. The hospital management should also consider offering competitive wages and benefits to the nurses. This will increase their motivation to work as best as they can and also improve their commitment to the hospital and patients. However, these recommendations and suggestions will not be without challenges if they are to be implemented.

Finances could be a major challenge for hospital management when acquiring new nurses. This is because of the amount of money that will be needed to pay the nurses. An increase in the number of nurses will also mean that the hospital increases its supplies and equipment so as to allow the nurses to work efficiently. Although this might seem expensive at the onset of the project, the expected outcome of the project will definitely be worth the investment.

The financial constraint can be dealt with by having a fundraiser where people can come and donate towards the equipping of the hospital, or the hospital can look for volunteers to work as they figure out how to acquire more nurses in an inexpensive way.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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