Nursing as a Career Choice – Care Example

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"Nursing as a Career Choice" is a great example of a paper on care. Helping the infirm and ill has always fascinated me. From my very childhood, I have been looking at the sick people in my family and among neighbors, with compassion and an urgent desire to relieve them of their physical and mental distress. Moreover, my parents hail from a medical background; and my father is an O. R. Technician, whilst my mother is a dialysis technician. In addition, our family engages in a substantial amount of charitable work.

This has motivated me tremendously to take up the nursing profession. This passion for helping ailing individuals developed into a strong liking for nursing. One fine day I came across an article on Florence Nightingale, “ The Lady with the Lamp” . This redoubtable lady sincerely believed that her calling in life had been determined by the Almighty. Her services to the wounded and sick during the Crimean War have acquired the status of legend. With this unswerving ambition always uppermost in mind, I completed my high school at the Archbishop Molloy Highschool. Thereafter, I attended Hunter College and the Queensborough Community College.

Due to my keen interest in nursing, I gained reasonable competency in chemistry and biology. Thereafter I undertook additional programs and acquired the necessary qualifications to gain employment as a dialysis technician. This job entails operating devices that divest the patient’ s blood of waste and excess fluids when their kidneys lose the capacity to perform this all-important function. My work was carried out under the supervision of physicians and nephrologists. This job is fairly intricate and requires the incumbent to painstakingly record body weight and vital indicators.

Such readings have to be recorded prior to, during and subsequent to the application of dialysis. In addition, the patient has to be provided with instructions and information regarding treatments that are to be provided at their home. Furthermore, every precaution has to be taken by dialysis technicians to prevent infection, as they directly deal with blood. This is indispensable for preventing infectious diseases, such as AIDS and hepatitis. Thus, I am directly involved in succoring patients with malfunctioning kidneys. This experience has whetted my desire to undertake nursing as a career.

These innumerable interactions with the sick have firmly convinced me that I am ably suited to this excellent and noble profession. In my endeavor to obtain the necessary qualifications for embarking upon a successful career in nursing, I conducted an exhaustive search of the various colleges and universities offering such knowledge. The culmination of my diligent efforts was the discovery of the Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing. This extraordinary and exemplary fount of nursing knowledge came into being in the year 1904. Since that time, it has gone from strength to strength and now offers nursing education that comes with the best in the world.

This institution has trained around 3,500 nurses, both theoretically and practically, since its inception. Another important feature of this Nursing School is that it provides the latest nursing knowledge and skills. To this end, the students are provided with practical training at the Beth Israel Medical Center and other reputed hospitals. As a consequence, a graduate of the Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing stands heads and shoulders above other nursing graduates. In addition, this nursing school has classes with a very small number of students, which ensures individual attention.

Thus, the nursing graduates of this school prove to be extremely competent in the discharge of their professional duties. Indeed, it would be to my great fortune, if I were to be granted entry into the hallowed portals of this temple of learning.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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