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"Nursing Care Experience" is a wonderful example of a paper on care. I have experienced many nursing care experiences, but this one caught my attention. It happened at the hospital in the examination room, where my mum was being examined. I didn’ t specifically know the nursing title as they had no tag. However, I think she was a nurse who was in charge of that hospital. A registered nurse must be a bachelor’ s degree in nursing graduate from a recognized institution with a minimum of three years of experience (Nurse Education, 2020).

As such, she can qualify for a nurse in charge of the hospital. However, there are other nurses of different levels of experience in other departments. In essence, experience and education levels are used to determine a nurse's position in a hospital. A nurse in charge's role is to oversee all the activities in a nursing care home or the nursing care section in a hospital (Jarvis, 2019. The specific nurse captured my attention as I never expected that action from them. Most of the time, we anticipate that maternity nurses will be too angry and not professional to expectant mothers.

However, the behavior of this nurse left me in tears of joy. There was this patient who didn’ t know where they could go for the maternity examination as she had complications. I was inquiring from the receptionist where the patient could go. The patient fainted as I was inquiring for her at the line. I was surprised that the nurse carried her to the examination room and did the examination. The nurse cared and had the best sense of humanity I have ever seen in any other nurse.

I waited for her to be examined as she had nobody who could take care of her. The way he carried her was not even what left me in tears of joy because but she even asked for their home and decided to take her home. The patient was a very happy eve before leaving the hospital. Thus, the nurse assessed not only the medical part of history but also their background as well. Swanson’ s caring behaviors are the significant aspects that should guide every nurse in their practice at the hospital (Moffa, 2015).

I was surprised that the nurse practiced all of Swanson’ s five caring acts; knowing, being with, doing for, enabling, maintaining belief. The nurse was first willing to know more about the patient after recovering from her unconscious state. The nurse in charge was also available all the time until she escorted the patient back home. She also gave her the best service that she expected. For instance, she gave her glucose and other major foods that gave her energy back to be better.

Finally, she enabled and maintained trust as she never went ahead to talk negatively about the issue as she seemed. I was so impressed and concluded not to judge things as per the experience I get someplace. All my life, my mum’ s friends hate nurses because of their maternity experience. I was left with no choice other than to change my mindset and had to accept that there are good nurses in the field. What the nurse demonstrated was one of the rare experiences in the modern world.

Thus, the nurse observed all Swanson’ s caring behavior actions and went even a step ahead and cared more for the patient’ s family. The nurse observed the best communication strategies for the patient. The patient went ahead to trust him and share with him all her past experiences. The nurse was very humble and never harassed the patient as we have heard of many other cases by many expectant mothers. The nurse applied therapeutic communication as he used phrases that could make the patient trust him so much. It was, therefore, one of the best communications I have ever noticed in my hospital visits.

The nurse was so caring that he went the extra mile of appreciating me because of my caring heart that I had to stay. The nurse noticed the people that were willing to help the patient, and he said thank you. Therefore, the communication strategies of the nurse left many people surprised in the queue at the reception of that hospital. To sum up, the fact that nursing care plays an essential role in patients' lives cannot be ignored.

More notably, through the nurse's actions to the patient from when he saw the patient up to the time she was better. Therefore, I have learned that communication and care are essential factors in inpatient recovery.


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