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"Nursing Care Plans: Diagnoses, Interventions, and Outcomes" is a perfect example of a paper on care. How can a performance improvement committee help with a research utilization project in a hospital? A research utilization project in a hospital involves the collection of various research results from various departments in the hospital and applying the practical skills needed in order to improve the care given to patients. A performance improvement committee can help such a project in a hospital by compiling research information from all departments in the hospital. This research records should have the strengths, weaknesses, and areas that need improvement.

The committee should also look at the various inventions that have come up in the health sector. This information can then be divided into phases that can be implemented accordingly in order to ensure that they are well implemented at an affordable cost. The implementation process will involve going through patient records and the daily routines of the hospital staff in order to make improvements that will put in worth to the services made available to the patients and boost the value of the care they are given.

The chief intent of this is supposed to be to improve the services offered in order to speed up the care and recovery process (Stanhope, 45). Describe the patient safety net (PSN) and how it can be used in hospitals for performance improvement. The patient safety net is an online system that is used in reporting events that relate to patients and the equipment used in caring for them. Initially, the process involved many procedures and filling of various forms depending on the event that occurred and the department under which it fell.

Different events occur in hospitals including equipment failure. For the right action to be taken and in good time the communication channel needs to be fast and clear. PSN can be used in hospitals for performance improvement by making the chain of command shorter and less time-consuming. If very important information is keyed in a system, it can be viewed by those that need to quickly and actions are taken immediately. This improves performance since decisions are made faster and the essential actions are taken to give the best care to patients and in some cases save lives.

PSN can also be useful in cases where a patient needs to be checked by doctors in various departments. Their records can be passed on easily and quickly (Singh, 38). Should hospital management listen to staff nurses when implementing new processes? Staff nurses interact with the patients more than the management team. They are therefore better informed about the problems on the ground and the areas that need improvement or change. The hospital management should listen to staff nurses when implementing new processes in order to implement in areas that are necessary and urgent.

This will also help in ensuring that as much as the patients are taken care of, the nurses are also taken care of. Most of the issues facing the patients and nurses can be best solved if the nurses offer suggestions on the best solutions. They cannot approve the implementation but their suggestions and recommendations are important in improving the care given to patients. Apart from improving the care given to patients the nurses’ morale is also given a boost when the management team listens to their contribution.

This goes a long way in improving care and reducing most of the common accidents that occur in the process (Gulanick, 63).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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