Nursing Ethics: A Virtue-Based Approach – Care Example

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"Nursing Ethics: A Virtue-Based Approach" is a wonderful example of a paper on care. Mary John’ s failing health is an absurd situation in which proper action needs to be taken that does not compromise her future life which is as important just like any other person in society. To begin with, it was the failure of the management of The Well- Baby Born Nursery at the initial stages of its foundation. The founders of well-baby born nursery ought to have defined from the onset of the retirement age for its employees.

However, from the managements view Mary is seen as a burden to the well-baby born nursery which the law forbids when it comes to hiring employees according to “ the Age Discrimination Act of 1967 (ADEA), ” the law does not allow discrimination of an employee concerning his or her age due to the employees prevailing condition (Armstrong, 2007). On the other hand, any business organization should stand to benefit from the delivery of services to the public that has become the main concern of the well-baby born nursery. Apart from the nursery, the society given the service also has a claim on the best of services that are now compromised since Mary is not able to serve up to the expected standard.

From the doctor’ s report, it is apparent that Mary will die if the manager makes her quit the job, therefore the first step which the manager should ensure is that the retirement age for its employees is set and incorporated within the constitution governing well-baby born nursery. The retirement age should be set slightly above the age of Mary by one or two years.

For instance, as a manager, I will set the retirement age at 80 (Becker, 2009).   However, I feel that an 80-year old charged with the responsibility of taking care of children is still much, therefore after the retirement of Mary well-baby born nursery can do the amendment on that constitution and the age is reduced. The mentioned step will help curtail future problems that may arise from the problem of old age. Now that I advocate for continuity of Mary remaining at the service of the well-baby-born nursery, it means that the problems that were arising as a result of Mary’ s presence will continue such as wrong advice to the kids.

As the manager of the well-baby born nursery, I will revise and redistribute the roles to be assigned to Mary. Therefore when it comes to direct dealing with the kids, I will ensure that Mary is left out of it (Gregory, 2003). In my opinion, instead of forcing Mary out of work I will upgrade her and make her even the assistant supervisor of other employees bearing in mind that it has served for well-baby born nursery for 50 years she must be having a lot of experience and probably for her to serve for that long, her work must have been good.

Lastly, I will also ensure that Mary has received proper medication under the care of a well-baby born nursery so that the sight of Mary can be improved.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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