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"Nursing for Stroke Prevention" is an outstanding example of a paper on care. In the United States, stroke has become a major source of death or long-run disability in patients. When metabolic disease or cardiovascular disease is present in the patients, then chances for stroke get stronger by an increase in age. Research has proved that the age factor playing a vital role in stroke attack. So, for stroke prevention, there is a need for a change in lifestyle to get a stronger, healthy, and active person. The need for stroke prevention techniques requires less mortality and morbidity rate for older men and women (more than eighty years), as they have already high blood pressure and hypertension diseases (Kathleen M.

Michael, 2006). The risk of stroke becomes higher with the increase in age, so the aging process is the main factor to search for prevention techniques. After fifty-five years, the risk of stroke doubles in men and women (after every 10 years period of life). Foraging issues related to stroke symptoms, the medical field has introduced the methods to overcome the issue with the help of great researches to produce effective medicines and healthy techniques for stroke prevention on the daily basis (Kathleen M.

Michael, 2006). After the aging factor, hypertension is the second source of stroke attacks. Hypertension is caused by high blood pressure for everyone, rather than the aging process. After handling the aging problem, the next step is to recover from hypertension that is relevant to the physiologic abnormalities and the structural changes in the vascular function. Some antihypertensive supplements have proved an efficient establishment for high-risk patients (more than 60 years) by systolic hypertension treatment at the primary level (Kathleen M.

Michael, 2006). The third factor of stroke is due to diabetes, which has a non-tolerated glucose level. Type 2 diabetes is easy for preventions, which is concerned with the age progression by 13% in women and 17% in men above seventy years. The other type of diabetes is concerned with the imbalance of glucose level or obesity in the human body for more than 60 years people. The medical officials have introduced anti-diabetes medicines and other techniques for a normal lifestyle of the patients, such as weight loss techniques, exercise, sugar-free diets, the strict timetable for the medicine in takings, etc. The role of healers as a nursing process can benefit the stroke patients to live a healthy life through behavioral, educational, and cultural trends, stroke patients should keep busy in healthy activities to live happy for lowering the hypertension issues.

Motivation through the educational process is helpful to make the patients a useful citizen. Society should take care of these patients by ignoring their angry habits to keep them happy.

Drugs, smoking, and alcohol addictions should be banned from these patients. Cultural effects are helpful for stroke prevention techniques for the patients, such as gardens, playgrounds, swimming pools facilities, etc. . Changes in the lifestyle by living a peaceful and rich areas results in a happy independent life (Care, 2014)Think about ways to educate patients on these prevention methods. Consider educational pieces such as flyers, posters, or other media that might be most effective with your patient population. To complete: Some stroke prevention techniques have introduced to educate people by using different resources for public awareness.

I will adopt some ways by analyzing some inspirational projects for stroke prevention all over the world. For example, the American Heart Association has been working voluntarily against heart and stroke diseases by introducing another organization American Stroke Association by spending enough funds for research and other awareness services. American Heart Association Consumer and Patient Education Material are distributing helpful videos and brochures by discussing more than ten stroke prevention topics to educate the general public and stroke patients. Public Service Announcements (PSAs) is an organization that is educating the people free of cost by sharing useful videos, audios, printed materials, and web content for everyone.

Another organization, Power to end Stroke is focusing to educate African Americans by running campaigns to demolish the risks of strokes and heart problems in people.   The resources for educating the people include toolkits, printed papers, PowerPoint presentations, posters, brochures, pledge cards, cookbooks, bracelets, lapel pins, online messengers, social networks, etc (Experts, 2013). Above mentioned methods of different organizations play an effective role to educate people against stroke. I will adopt the sources of social networks to educate the patients online by sharing helpful content for stroke prevention.

Funds are important for successful campaigns, so I would like to be attached to any Stroke Prevention organization to work as an active member to educate the public. Design a media piece to educate patients on stroke prevention. You may create a flyer, poster, or any other media that is suitable for your patient population. The purpose of Stroke Awareness and Educational campaigns are helpful for health-care providers to boost the practiced education about the factors of stroke, symptoms of stroke, data and statistic about the patients, options for rehabilitation, quality of the patients, treatment expenditures, etc.

For public awareness, some communities play an effective role to reduce the stroke attacks, such as policymakers of health issues, health experts, health advocates for public education, etc (Alabama, 2013). I have a plan to educate stroke patients by using media resources. I will contact the local media persons to highlight stroke prevention tips for public awareness and stroke patients’ with the help of useful literature and visual aids. I will also contact the TV and Radio presenters for stroke prevention talks to educate the nation about living a healthy lifestyle.

With the help of volunteers and professionals, i will arrange for public service announcements through Radio, T.V, and newspapers. I will also conduct programs on local media to be careful about the signs and symptoms of stroke prevention before a serious attack. By reviewing international journals, reports, and articles; i will write articles by providing useful information to my people. At the local level, i will arrange for public workshops and seminars by delivering lectures of experts for social welfare against disease prevention. It is concluded that stroke prevention strategies are easy to adapt to human welfare.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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