Nursing Mental Health – Care Example

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"Nursing Mental Health" is a decent example of a paper on care. Mental health is the state of well-being through which every person knows his or her own potential. He can also be able to deal with the normal pressures of life and can work effectively and efficiently. The individual is also competent enough to contribute to her or his community. Moreover, mental health is a branch of medicine that deals with the mental well-being of human beings. It can also be referred to as the emotional or psychological state of an individual    (Videbeck, 2011). Community mental health nursing dates back to the 19th century when efforts were put to reorganize mental institutions in hospitals to develop proper treatment and care for the mentally ill patients.

Plans were put in place in Massachusetts, in 1882, where the mental hygiene movement was launched, and Linda Richards who graduated in the same year lobbied it. Lilian Wald and Harriet Bailey were also part of the movement that advocated for psychiatric nursing in America. Johns Hopkins hospital in 1913 launched a training program in psychiatric nursing that ensured every nurse had the necessary skills to care for psychic patients.

Harriet Bailey authored a book on psychiatric nursing in 1920, which equipped nursing students with the necessary skills to practice in the psychiatric field (Videbeck,   2011). The leaders created a public awareness among citizens on psychiatric nursing and later integrated it into the general nursing curriculum, in 1961, by the international council of nurses in order to meet the mental health needs of the entire community. John Kennedy having passed the Community Health Act deinstitutionalized the program in 1963 (Basavanthapa, 2011). Some of the Epidemiological mental health factors in the Carlsbad community are anxiety disorders, suicidal tendencies, depression.

Adults mostly experience these factors and youths who experience problems in their relationships, family, and work; maybe having difficulties in their studies. When pushed to the edge, they may resort to suicidal tendencies, being depressed, and even experience anxiety. They also end up experiencing the same in their lifetime whereas some for a short while. Children are mostly affected by anxiety, mood, behavior disorders, and substance use, as well. In order to end such incidences efforts put, in place, to ensure that the issues are properly addressed through the mental health specialty program that has been rolled out (Videbeck,   2011). Some of the conceptual frameworks for psychiatric-mental health nursing are communication concepts, social systems and developmental theories, and self-esteem.

Communication influences mental health in the sense that when two people are in a partnership, they may end up having problems or misunderstanding at a certain stage. Arguments will ensue, and one may end up feeling depressed and as a result of the misunderstanding that took place for instance the marriage institution and families.

The social systems and development theories also influence mental health in the sense that having a good support system helps in alleviating situations like stress. This is because it helps in maintaining health through decision-making and promotes healthy relationships with other people. Furthermore, self-esteem influences mental health in that good self-esteem leads to better health and social behavior while poor self-esteem is likely to lead to mental disorders such as depression, suicidal factors, and anxiety (Basavanthapa, 2011).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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