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"Nursing Philosophy" is a great example of a paper on care. Nursing is one of the most important professions in healthcare provision, and there are many theories that have been associated with the profession. Nursing theories are useful in the creation of fundamental principles that guide nurses in their career. Each nurse must create a philosophy that shapes his or her beliefs on the important attributes of nursing, and what factors are relevant for the provision of quality patient care. The paper will illustrate a nursing philosophy utilizing two main theories formulated by Florence Nightingale and Jean Watson.

Regardless of the time, these theories were formulated they are still applicable in modern settings. Florence Nightingale formulated the environmental theory whereby she defines nursing as a procedure of utilizing environmental factors surrounding a patient (Alligood, 2013).   The theory postulates that these factors are influential in the recovery of the patient. Therefore, the first aspect of my nursing philosophy is the interpretation of external factors and how they relate to the person’ s condition. Technological advancements have made this factor more applicable, as there are now more ways to positively alter the patient’ s environment (Hayes et al. , 2006).

Nightingale identified five environmental factors that include pure water, fresh air, sanitation, efficient drainage and exposure to sunlight when possible. In modern times, these are part of the regular hospital protocol; hence, it is essential that nurses adhere to them as their value is underestimated by many healthcare professionals. As a nurse, my philosophy involves ensuring that these five parameters are well regulated as they give the patient’ s body an ideal environment for healing. Several aspects of human health and physiology are poorly defined by science.

Hence, there is a need to ensure that a patient gets the appropriate emotional care regardless of his or her medical condition. Hence, I also believe that it is essential for me to implement Jean Watson’ s theory of caring in my profession (Watson, 2011).   Firstly, I aim to approach my patients and their family members with love and kindness. I aim to make the emotions and feelings of my patients my priority and to not only focus my intervention on medical means but also psychological aspects.

One of the fundamental principles in my nursing philosophy will be the belief I maintain in my patients regardless of the situation. One of the responsibilities of a nurse is to make sure the situation is less emotionally challenging (Watson, 2011).   However, it is important to ensure that the emotional connection that is formed between the nurse and the patient does not affect the decision-making process. In my nursing philosophy, I will also try to improve myself as a person through the cultivation of my spiritual practice and placing faith in a higher power than myself. In summation, nursing is a broad field that requires professionals to take a wholesome approach towards aiding the patients.

My philosophy involves combining my medical knowledge, manipulating the external environment to make it ideal and ensuring that the patient is emotionally stable. These factors are the core principles for my nursing philosophy and I believe they will improve my patient care process.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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