Nursing School Entrance – Care Example

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"Nursing School Entrance" is a great example of a paper on care. I can say that the dream of becoming a nurse begun when I was a small child. My aunt was the reason behind the early motivation for becoming a nurse. I used to visit my aunt who worked at a local hospital during the holidays. My aunt was a nurse who was dedicated to serving the local community. I used to admire how she was concerned with the welfare of the patients. In addition,   I used to accompany my aunts as she visited the sick in our community.

Care moved me she used to offer especially to the elderly in their homes. However, one of the events that happened in my life helped me to like nursing more. One day with my friends, we went for a hike in the local mountains. Mostly, we used to go for a hike on Sunday afternoon after church. As usual, we gathered the necessary equipment that would make our hike a success.   As we moved into the forest to look for a favorable area to hike, we encountered a teenager that had fallen into a ditch.

He had broken one of the legs that made it difficult to move. He was in deep pain and blood was oozing from the pelvis area. As we inquired about what happened, he said that he had stayed there for over five hours without getting the necessary help. He had lost a lot of blood that made death imminent. As the oldest person in the group, I offered first aid and sent the rest of the members to look for ambulance services.

The ambulance arrived, and she was taken to the hospital where they said that he had some few minutes left to live if he had not gotten immediate help. I was quite moved that I offered the necessary care and help that played a role in saving a life.   Since then, I opted always to care for those in need of care.   I have also participated in various volunteer programs. In my community, there is a group that works is to visit the elderly and sick in society.

In the group, we have managed to visit a large group of elderly people some of which suffer from chronic disease. In the visits, I have come to realize that the elderly are in dire need of care that is not available most of the time. Hence, I plan that I will major in offering my services to the elderly in the local hospital and community.   I also hope that I will be accredited to be a registered nurse to be able to serve the community. My reason, for applying to this school, is that it was suggested to me by my cousin who schooled here.

I believe the school will offer me the necessary expertise to be able to make an impact in the lives of people around me and my community. Moreover, I will get the necessary skills required for handling the elderly in society. I look forward to joining the school.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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