Nursing: the Philosophy and Science of Caring – Care Example

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"Nursing: the Philosophy and Science of Caring" is an outstanding example of a paper on care. Philosophy is a study of the problems that are general in normal life and they are fundamental to human beings (Paley, 2002, Pg. 44). In everyday life, people face problems and they are connected to the reality of life including the knowledge, existence of the problem, the values in the problem, the reason for the problem occurring, the mind involved in the problem, and the language used in the problem-solving. All this is related to philosophy in a way that the problems are analyzed and solved by being looked upon and understood very clearly.

Some other related branches of philosophy include epistemology which deals with the knowledge study that analyzes the problems in society. Philosophy of Nursing                       In nursing, philosophy can be important because it explains the nature of the profession as a nurse and it gives the basis of the activities that happen in the field. The values and beliefs in the nursing profession are tallying with the health precautions needed in the field. Some theories are used in the nursing career which facilitates the modeling and methodologies used in the care of patients and in any health facility or center.

The philosophy of nursing can be termed to be the study of health care in society. Human beings, animals, and the environment can be cared for by understanding the problem they face and solve it. The problem is usually related to health and care in society. The nurses and doctors ensure that the society and living creatures are safe with good health and their unique view of themselves is identified very well (Seedhouse, 2000, Pg.

35). Application of Philosophy in Nursing I chose to nurse because it is a profession that God chose me and he called me to help his people. My philosophy to the career gives the right to the nurses to ensure that the hospitals are safe and holistic in a way that the place is very caring for the patients. Patients are supposed to get enough support from the nurses and they should be given the maximum care. When understanding the patient’ s needs, the nurses should use clinical judgments to solve the patients’ problems.

We as advocates in the clinic should give the patients the idea to have knowledge of how they should take care of their own health (Watson, 2008, Pg. 20). Through perpetual learning, the nurses should have a good educational background on how to keep the current records on track. In doing so, the nurses will evolve and move to the current technological advances for the better improvement of the patient’ s health. As a nurse, I will work hard and learn new and current health practices from journals and textbooks.

I will gain experience from my fellow teammates by asking them questions concerning health matters and by following their best examples. As a nurse, I will hold disciplinary measures and be a good model to other nurses by showing kindness and be persistent in attaining the required targets. I will also use the required moral values to solve problems in the hospital. I will ensure that the environment is clean for the patients and workers in the hospital. Conclusion In conclusion, nursing has been my dream career and I use the current experiences in the hospital to learn more about health and maximize my opportunities in life.

Nursing is a good and perfect career for one to join because it is never boring. It gives one the motivation to look at life as a positive outlook and enhance the ability to save a life.  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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