Nursing Theoretical Frameworks – Care Example

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"Nursing Theoretical Frameworks" is a wonderful example of a paper on care. Nursing education has evolved over time to encompass every aspect of human anatomy. The contribution of a nursing theoretical framework to nursing education has taken more than one form, due to the fact that different nursing theorists have developed various theoretical frameworks, each of which addresses a specific nursing issue. The reason behind the formulation and implementation of nursing theoretical frameworks has been to lay a foundation of the understanding of the various issues that nursing practices need to address (George, 2011).

In other words, these frameworks provide a basis for undertaking nursing as a profession. Nursing theoretical frameworks enhance the understanding of nursing education and further promote the understanding of nursing practices. This is due to the fact that their development over the years shows how nursing has evolved, outlined newly emerging issues, and proposed changes that upcoming frameworks should address. As a result, the continuity of nursing practices through nursing education is seen through these frameworks. Another characteristic relationship between nursing theoretical frameworks and nursing education is seen through research and development.

Research and development is an ongoing aspect of nursing practices. As earlier mentioned, new issues and concerns keep emerging and so is the need to address them. As a result, medical and nursing interventions have been consistently and persistently been pursued in a bid to address such issues. The nursing frameworks therefore have provided an essential foundation through which research and development in the nursing practices are done by relating various nursing variables as identified by the various frameworks available.   Conceptual and theoretical models in nursing are developed based on various nursing concepts that define the various interests of nursing practices.

Theory driven and evidence-based practice relies on these models for guidance in the undertaking of nursing practices. Nursing conceptual and theoretical models are developed to account for the challenge of meeting the desired patient safety and yielding outcomes that are optimal in regard to evidence-based practice and theory-driven care (Walker & Avant, 2011). Both evidence-based practice and theory-driven care are important in nursing practice. However, the challenge of conveying their importance and the consequent use of both of them in nursing necessitates the integration of conceptual and theoretical models in nursing practices to account for this challenge. Nursing knowledge and skills improve nursing practices.

Research and development in nursing practices are also guided by this knowledge. Conceptual and theoretical models in nursing, therefore, account for the relationship between education and actual practice. In other words, nursing education is well conveyed through illustrations made by these conceptual and theoretical models in nursing. The nursing curriculum is developed based on these models. Since nursing practice is made up of both theory-driven care and evidence-based practice, there are models that account for each of the two nursing practices.

The underlying difference between theory-driven care and evidence-based practice is actually manifested through these models since they actually outline the variables that define each of them. Curriculum development pertaining to each of them therefore outlines the goals of each of the two nursing practices prior to the outcome of the entire nursing profession. These models, therefore, link nursing theory to actual nursing practice.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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