People of Arabic Heritage and Nursing – Care Example

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"People of Arabic Heritage and Nursing" is a peculiar example of a paper on care. Part 1 The nurses should understand that Muslims value personal information. They tend to safeguard it as much as they could and may view the nurse as a stranger. Consequently, they may fail to disclose Samah’ s condition.   Muslims also tend to condemn issues like early pregnancy, academic failure, drug abuse, and other criminal behavior that may bring disgrace to the family.   Regardless of all the hindrances, the nurse must handle the situation professionally and ensure Samah is accorded the best medical care.

She should remind the family that she did not mean to be rude but was trying to understand what could be ailing Samah.   The nurse must also remind the family that she wants to use the information for medical purposes and not to disgrace Samah (Purnell, 2013). Part 2 The nurse must understand that the family is trying to preserve the dignity and honor of their daughter.   There is also a possibility that the family may refuse to accept the fact that their daughter is pregnant.

There are several options that the nurse can adapt incase the family refuses to cooperate. The first one would be for the family to seek the service of a family doctor whom they trust. The second option would be to ask the family to seek medical attention in a hospital-owned by a Muslim because they can communicate more freely.   In addition to this, she must improve her hospitality and courtesy to create a friendly environment for questioning. It would be also appropriate for the nurse to avoid questions that may dishonor Samah in front of her parents.

After she has acquainted herself with the family, she must explain her role and why she is asking those questions.   Lastly, she must disclose the relationship between her questions and the medical examination she wants to carry out on Samah (Purnell, 2013). Part 3 The best thing for her to do is ask the family to talk or engage the service of a Muslim nurse within the organization. The family should freely express their issues with the Muslim nurse because they are all Muslims. In addition to this, she must prepare Samah for guiding and counseling sessions to prepare her for any eventuality.

She must also encourage family members to accept the outcome of the medical results. It is only when the family has accepted the condition of their daughter that will they ensure she receives quality healthcare. After the family is psychologically prepared for the results, the nurse should proceed and carry out all possible tests on Samah. After identifying her condition, she must provide the best treatment (Purnell, 2013). Part 4 It is not a wise idea for the nurse to ask Samah if she is pregnant because such a question would jeopardize the relationship between them.

In addition to this, Samah might not be aware she is pregnant because she blamed her condition on the type of food she ate. However, if the nurse suspects that she is pregnant, she should carry out a pregnancy test on her with her permission. In case she is pregnant, the nurse must encourage the family to accept her and take care of her until she gives birth.

She can also follow up with Samah at her home to ensure she is accorded the help she needs (Purnell, 2013).


Purnell, L. D. (2013). Transcultural health care: A culturally competent approach. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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