Performance Expectation: Nurse-Patient Relationship – Care Example

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"Performance Expectation: Nurse-Patient Relationship" is a great example of a paper on care.   Customer Service and Demonstration of Organizational Values Customer Service Values: Service – . The services to customers are exceptional in the hospital because the patient’ s interests and needs are served first hence greatly satisfying them. Great customer service and values for a hospital are also demonstrated with regard to pleasant and caring facial expressions, tone of voice, body language, and the choice of words. The combinations of these values make patients feel comfortable and happier as though they are at home Whenever customers visit for any assistance their requests are responded to swiftly without any delay. Customer together with the hospitals time is saved through swift response. Swift response also ensures that there is no queuing or back a lock of customers to be served hence guaranteeing quality service. Service is also improved through communicating clearly, both in writing and verbally with the intent of understanding the other’ s viewpoint and needs   The trust of the people has been won through proper care and the highest degree of accountability in the dispensation of service. The natives are served better through the use of interpreters who understand that language. To facilitate the service also there are available materials written in the native language. Each situation is also properly analyzed first before any action is taken so as to avert the likely risks that may arise if proper caution is not taken. The services are also specially designed to meet the need of different age groups.   There is a greater degree of commitment is evident by show of a positive attitude during service delivery. There is a show of sympathy to those being served and also kindness. The customers’ requests are executed with the aim of exceeding their expectations. The needs of the patients are responded to with great respect and humility whether emotional, physical, or spiritual needs and this is a great show of commitments not only to service but individuals as well. The service in the organization is also boosted through cooperation by the members of different departments in a great show of teamwork. 4 There is a great show of respect by embracing the diversity of communities being served and through respect of the dignity of community members. Respect is also uphill through guaranteeing of privacy and confidentiality during service delivery. Realization of difference in interpretation and taking an appropriate measure to come up with solutions so that communication flows smoothly. The service delivery is also focusing on Regulatory Compliance.

The compliance however is not only to commonly recognized bodies but it extends beyond that. There is also a great show of quality service by encouraging audits and surveys that are of standard. The licensing and registration credentials are well kept in case they are needed. Improvements are established and appropriate actions are taken to implement. There is also a high degree of compliance with organizational policies. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF POSITION Clinical nurse II demonstrates a great understanding of clinical matters and they do so through administering to patients.

  The nurse is also of great help as it assists other medical personnel in the prevention of illness, comfort, and ensuring everything is well in the department. They show great experience in the service by identifying the changes with the patient’ s conditions and acting appropriately. The clinical nurse II also takes responsibility to martial together resources to meet the needs of patients and families. At the unit levels, they are the ones heading and providing guidance and education on matters concerning unit level. Performance Expectation: Nursing Process Clinical nurses demonstrate great skills by identifying certain populations with rampant patients cases to carry out the assessment. They initiate changes in clinical care whenever they see a need to do so. They also make good decisions and ensure that patients meet the proper care by sticking to the plans put in place. Clinical nurse II also demonstrates great care by taking a patient through the rightful planned discharge program. Performance Expectation: Nurse-Patient Relationship Clinical nurses II also ensures that there is a good relationship between patients and nurses by upholding good communication skills that is effective both to patients and their families. Clinical nurse II is of great help as they single out factors affecting a patient's comfort and taking appropriate action. The approach they adopt is also professional by looking for guidance whenever there is a difficulty so as to properly care for the patient. And they also involve family patients in key decision making with regard to the patient's care. Performance Expectation: Education Clinical nurse I am greatly winning trust and building confidence within themselves by taking steps to learn more about the current patients' needs and those of their families. They identify their learning needs and look for resources to pursue them. Performance Expectation: Leadership/Collaboration & Professional Development The Clinical Nurse II show professionalism by respecting their counterparts and other clinical disciplines and actively engaging the inpatient care team to come up with a methodology that borrows from current practices and services. They get involved in activities that improve patient’ s activities and always look for a resource to improve their skills. Their professionalism is great as they always ask for questions with regard to health care to help them improve their patient's care and also assist their peers in the areas they are facing challenges. They borrow from current evidence to come up with an approach that also improves the patient's comfort and care. Performance Expectation: Performs Other Duties & Participates in Special Projects The Clinical Nurse II: the nurse exemplary professionalism is depicted in the readiness to volunteer and take part in projects that are of great importance so as to boost the mission of VCUHS and the department.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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