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"Personal Philosophy In Nursing" is an engrossing example of a paper on care. Just like many nurses, say nursing is a calling, in life I have come to agree with this too. I start my studies of nursing as an answer to the calling to be a nurse to serve the patients with dignity. As a nurse, I want to set a legacy as a patient representative, to struggle to meet their needs. Either, as a nurse, I wish to shape the others in the profession to serve the patients better. This includes student nurses and practising nurses.

This is a representation of my philosophy as a nurse. Why I Choose Nursing One of the single most reasons for me joining nursing is my passions to care, people. As a child, I have aspired to the care for others. Being and the eldest child in my family I always show my siblings grow. I always admired the care they received. Later as an adult, I have come to learn how sometimes others in care can neglect people. In this, I have come to learn that many patients suffer because of the care they receive.

Therefore, this passion within me drawing me to care has drawn me to this profession. I have a passion for the care of patients, a satisfaction that I will get in nursing. In my passion for care for others, at the high school and college, I joined various clubs like the Red Cross society in which we used to visit different patients in the hospital. I believe this also magnified my interest to pursue nursing. Most of the time, I was amazed at the important the role of the nurse, the autonomy and the passion they had.

However, all this crowned when my grandmother got sick. Being toward the end of my college, the experience I gathered from the care she received concerning the actual care intrigued me. Today I am here fulfilling what I have ever dreamt from my toddlerhood, a call to nursing. The Essence Of Nursing Nursing plays a significant role in the lives of many. As Virginia Henderson, I believe nursing to be the care of patients in health restoration of the sick to health status and guiding those who cannot recover for a peaceful death.

As a remedy to people in suffering, nurses should provide care to the sick and health likewise (Lucero, Lake, & Aiken, 2010). The nurses should be in touch with the patient and communicate with them as the primary basis of care. Similarly, in my opinion, nursing should be a continuous process from the time the patient comes to the hospital, the stay in the hospital and follow-up after discharge. As a practice, nursing has a role to the sick, disabled, healthy and the dying.

Therefore, nursing should provide preventive curative and promote care. In this, it is crucial for the nurse to be a team player as a person who is close to the patients and the community as a whole. The nurse should play a significant role to care for those that need care and those under their care (Matzo, 1994). Even though political and social factors affect nursing, it should stand out as a profession. The nursing should grow past the social, economic factors that may affect the way care is given.

Nursing should range from the basic practice, provided with meagre resources even without political support. As a profession, it has stood harder even at the time of Nightingale and passed this stage. It is through the provision of adequate care even in a challenging situation that any profession should stand. Beliefs And Values   I believe that the patient is the most important person in the care. Without the patient, the care given will lack meaning. Therefore, the patient is always right.

The nurse should never strip the patient the dignity their based on the care they are providing. Also, they should always seek adequate consent to provide care. Furthermore, as a care receiver, the attention needs to be directed to the patient and the family. The role of nursing should be to care for these patients rather than using them as objects (Matzo, 1994). I also believe that if nurses give adequate care to the patient even if they die, they will be die feeling respected. The family and significant others make the core of care.

They are the immediate dependents of the patient therefore forming the critical part of the care. In this, they deserve some information about the care of the patients even though it is not possible to provide all the information. They also can play a major role in giving relevant information to the patient. In case of the loss, the significant others are the one that suffers most from the loss (Harrison, 2010). Therefore, the Nurse should meet the nursing needs of the patient and extend it to the family and significant others.   Nursing is not standalone in the provision of care.

It should be a collaborative effort of all stakeholders. Caregiving is more of a team effort rather than single-hearted care by the nurses (Matzo, 1994). Therefore, nurses should strive to provide care alongside others. The nurses should know their limits. However, this should not limit in caring for the others. It is very crucial when the caregiving team meet the needs of the patient from a common table as opposed to the fragmentation of care. However, in the provision of care, I need first to ensure my own health before I care for the others.

In this, as a nurse, there is a need to ensure I follow the laid down health protocols. Is should ensure that I am fine all the time and should be ready to care for self first. This means that I should use protective gears and observe all the infection control protocols. Consequently, it should ensure the safety of others too. Vision For Future After I graduate from nursing school, I want to be a bedside nurse.

This will enable me to focus on achieving my main dream. This may be most probably in the medical and general surgical cases. At my extra time, however, I would prefer to help the people in the community. Therefore, I may take the short case for HIV care and community service. After five years, I need to be studying my masters. In this, I want to be a nurse practitioner to provide exemplary leadership in the provision of care. Afterwards, I will practise as nurses with full autonomy in the practice.

In this, I will encourage my fellow nurses in the practice to put on the good practice. After ten years, I want to pursue a dream in education. At this, I would have hit the highest level of experience. Also, I will have an adequate level of education to motivate students to follow their dreams in nursing. I will stand as a guide to students who believe they have a calling like me. Summary To achieve this, I have set to work hard. In this career, I seek to fit.

With the determination, the effort that I possess, and the driving motive of passion I am sure I will achieve it. My college and the experienced staff within is another strength that is on my side. Lastly, I am a Believer and am content that God called me for this he will stand by me. However, there are challenges that I need to move past. First are my socialisation skills, to be able to meet the care of the patient I need to move past this. Socialisation skills are key to care. Finally, I feel more of sympathy to patients than being empathetic.

Even though this is a normal human reaction, largely it is undesirable. I will strive to leave this too.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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