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"Personal Philosophy of Nursing" is an engrossing example of a paper on care. This essay will elaborate on the personal nursing philosophy that I intend to implement in my honorable career as a nurse. My belief is founded on the precipice of nursing being more of a commitment to serving humanity and most importantly the will to aid those in dire need of medical attention (Masters, 2014). It's not a matter of just treating and discharging patients; rather is a dedication to providing quality health care that is customized to meet the individual needs of the patients (Dahnke& Dreher2011).

As a nurse, my philosophy will incorporate both the classroom knowledge I gained in college with respecting the dignity of patients and their families. A professional relationship is a very crucial element in the nursing field since collective efforts help in promoting quality health care for the patients. Therefore, as I reminisce on my educational journey to become a nurse I have over time created many values and beliefs for myself some intentional and others unknowingly (Dahnke & Dreher, 2011). All these have served to regulate and influence my actions as well as the decisions that I have always made in life.

These are the very beliefs and values that have found what I today call my personal, professional philosophy of nursing. Indeed the philosophy varies among people as it founded on what each and every individual personally views as important in driving his/her life (Masters, 2014). In the nursing profession, we as nurses are always in constant interaction with patients together with their families and friends. Most of the scenarios that we find ourselves are filled with grieve as either the patient is in danger or his/her family is vigorously demanding to be updated on the health progress of their own.

It takes a person with strong interpersonal skills to amicably handle such a situation as one can easily get out upset by the constant pressure being piled by those demanding to be updated Despite that I think it is part of our professional requirement to handle our clients with utmost dignity at all times no matter the situation (Dahnke & Dreher, 2011). I believe what makes a nurse stand out from the rest is her/his ability to maintain calm and act professionally in all situations.

Hence, respect for the patients and their family is one of my paramount goals as a nurse in my professional career (Dahnke & Dreher, 2011). Patients are human beings with health complications that need the attention of medical practitioners. Thus as they will be in the process of obtaining health care services they deserve to be housed in safe environments (Beresford & Carr, 2012). It will be my noble duty always to ensure the environment where patients are residing is always clean and safe from any danger to enable patients a peaceful atmosphere for recovery.

I understand most diseases are caused by people being subjected to environments that are polluted by chemicals and other forms of bacteria. Thus as a nurse in a health care facility, I will strive to ensure the situation where my patients reside is different from what they experience outside thereby always ensuring it is clean and safe thus not subject the patient to further infections while at the health facility (Masters, 2014). As a nurse, it will my commitment to always seek to add some knowledge to myself through perpetual learning as new opportunities, and improvement come up in the field each day (Dahnke & Dreher, 2011).

By so doing, I will be better placed to handle any emerging issue within my area of jurisdiction in a more knowledgeable and professional manner thus providing patients with quality services that they deserve (Masters, 2014). In so doing, I will also be raising the bar high to influence my colleagues also to seek more knowledge and thus in the long run foster a field of competent professionals (Dahnke & Dreher, 2011).

I believe as a nurse it's my duty always to adhere to the set professional and ethical codes of conduct as I discharge my duties. These are rules that are set to regulate us in the way we conduct ourselves in the nursing field. As a nurse, I believe the privacy and confidentiality of a patient’ s medical information are very vital. I will strive to maintain the highest degree of privacy regarding the patient’ s records unless ordered by law to disclose them (Beresford & Carr, 2012). Being a professional nurse, it will be my duty to inspire other people through my job.

The decisions and actions which I make should emulate the personal value that I stand for in life (Dahnke & Dreher, 2011). Qualities including; honesty, compassion, kindness, and patience should be manifested in my daily duties as I interact with people within my profession. This will be in the general motive of ensuring the nursing profession that I pursue is holistic and centered in the provision of service to humanity on top of earning myself income (Masters, 2014). Since I will be focussed on providing service to humanity, as a nurse I will assume an approach that provides for equal treatment to all patients regardless of their religion, race, political affiliation, social status, etc.

This is a general will to ensure all patients will be attended with an equal measure of urgency in ensuring their wellbeing without any form of discrimination (Beresford & Carr, 2012). When it comes to health everyone is prone to illness regardless of race or religion, thus I will strive to discharge my duties as a nurse in a professional manner without discriminating against any patient (Dahnke & Dreher, 2011).

That notwithstanding I will strive to provide holistic nursing services to my clients to ensure that I not only treat illness but also provide body and mind wellness. Thus, this will be achieved through a self-driven initiative that I will implement whereby I will offer value-added services to all my patients to ensure the medication that we offer benefit them and also gives them an experience that will enable them to aid someone else.

In that sense, patients will get the chance to enjoy valuable advice that I will offer not only to the specific medical complications that they face but also enough to provide them with information to lead a more healthy life (Dahnke & Dreher, 2011). Finally, since I got a Christian foundation I will always base my services on the teachings of the bible. I understand we as medical practitioners have the expertise to treat patients, but above that God provides all healing.

Thus, I will always give Him credit for all my achievements.


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