Professional Development Plan – Care Example

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"Professional Development Plan" is a perfect example of a paper on care. The goal of nursing is to provide quality nursing care to the public. Providing quality services requires competence and cultivating patient relationships that make them provide the necessary information (Meister et al, 2002). As a manager, I have to encourage nurses in my department to gain patient trust and provide timely responses to their needs. Accountability is a crucial requirement as it provides personal and professional development. It is my responsibility to protect the privacy of the patients as well as the nursing institution.

There are happy and sad moments that have to be shared with patients, and such information should remain confidential according to the ethical code of nursing. Accountability and professional growth may be limited by a lack of training opportunities and an insecure information system. These may lead to information leaks and stunted professional advancement. Patients and nurses are the most important elements in the organization. The organization has implemented learning activities to avoid career stagnation for nurses. The hospital has laid out several measures that guarantee patient and physician satisfaction.

This includes providing professional growth opportunities for nurses to improve their competence and the quality of care. Learning activities provided by the hospital are important opportunities for growth. They involve attending seminars, training sessions, and community projects in health care. Participating in these activities will improve my chances of advancing in the career ladder. Project managers and planners are required in the hospital and undertaking these training sessions will increase my chances of managing and succeeding in a project. Organizations may fail to provide or utilize skills and competencies acquired by a nurse due to lack of facilities or poor planning (Jasper, 2011).

This leads to underutilization of a nurse’ s ability leading to poor professional and personal development. The current position does not provide the opportunity to train other nurses in community health care provision. This involves providing home nursing care and participating in social health care activities. The organization does not conduct extensive home health service provision, which limits the number of nurses required. Currently, I supervise nursing activities in the pediatric department, which limits my participation in community activities.

Managers have the opportunity to further their knowledge, and in the next two years, I should have completed my doctorate. This should enable me to progress to the position if a senior manager within 5 years and a director in 10 years. Advanced education is essential to the advancement of nursing. Nurses are encouraged to participate in nursing research and incorporate the finding into practice (Jasper, 2011). Community health provision is a wide field of study that requires extensive research and training. The organization has partnered with a research institute where nurses can participate in research activities to improve their skills.

  Training sessions for providing family-centered and age-specific nursing care are provided by the institution. These activities are necessary for gaining skills in handling mixed families, especially those with elderly people. Old people have several medical needs that require a wide range of practices and therapy for quality care. These skills will help eliminate the gaps in my career and get an opportunity to train other nurses.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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