Quality Improvement in Nursing – Care Example

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"Quality Improvement in Nursing" is a perfect example of a paper on care. One key quality improvement activity in which my health clinic participates is involving in work. The hospital’ s management engages in the work of its entire staff through consultation and workgroup programs. A second activity is establishing expectations for the entire staff and not for nurses only. The health clinic sets expectations for its workers by holding them responsible for their separate roles. A third activity is motivating and employing doctors and nurses to lead in accomplishment efforts (HRSA, n.d. ).

This is achievable by offering constant, noticeable, and helpful responses that engage staff members directly and proficiently. My role in these activities as a professional nurse is specific and cooperative. My key role as a charge nurse is to educate staff about policies and guidelines for primary care medical homes and follow-ups. Staff in this role of the clinic includes nurses and medical assistants. This role extends to educating patients about the significance of screenings and vaccinations (HRSA, n.d. ). I accomplish this role through four steps. First, I have to contribute to any programs the hospital sets up for nurses to finish self-engaged online units to acquire deeper insights about quality improvement.

For instance, my health clinic collaborates with the HRSA as an initiative to improve the prenatal care of new mothers who visit or are admitted to the facility. Second, I have to make sure workmates that are more knowledgeable assist early-profession nurses in implementing newly gained quality improvement information. More specifically, nurses who are more familiar with the tracking system for screenings at the health clinic have to be in charge of passing on this proficiency to new nurses.

It is my job to make sure the new nurses have acquired this information and safeguard the health of patients undergoing tests within and outside the health clinic (HRSA, n.d. ). Third, I have to make sure sufficient staffing levels and nurses have adequate release periods for partaking in quality improvement activities. An example of a quality improvement activity in this role is informing patients about the role of vaccinations in their future health and the criticality of screenings when they are at chronic stages of their respective illnesses.

Lastly, I can educate staff and patients by making sure nurses can access innovative infrastructure that offers significant, early, and actionably information concerning quality improvement (HRSA, n.d. ). Examples of innovative infrastructure at the health clinic are online databases, previous patient data, former diagnoses for current patients and their results, and the latest electronic caregiving equipment. Factors that affect nurses’ involvement in quality improvement at my health clinic include shortage, uncooperative staff members, and uncooperative patients’ relatives. Shortages in nurses is a national crisis that often originates from a scarcity in financial and structural resources.

This crisis extends to my health clinic and deteriorates the quality of care nurses give to the patient. Uncooperative staff members stem from the slow adoption of work culture within the facility and an extremely intrusive administration (HRSA, n.d. ). Noncompliant relatives of patients at the health clinic can inhibit the care given by obstructing nurses while working due to their concerns over the patient’ s health and withholding any vital information concerning the patient’ s current or past condition.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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