Risk Factors for Falls in the Elderly – Care Example

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"Risk Factors for Falls in the Elderly" is a great example of a paper on care. In the research conducted by Lord, Menz & Sherrington (2007) falls are too common among the elderly population. With age, the bones are less dead set against stress, since they become more porous and are more prone to fractures. This, in the work, is referred to as Osteoporosis that mostly emanates from a deficiency in vitamins such as calcium and vitamin D.                       Elder people are also less likely to engage in physical activities that eventually lead to loss of muscle strength and flexibility (Lord, Menz & Sherrington, 2007).

Poor visual ability, cataracts, and other visual inabilities augment the risk of falls. Environmental hazards, such as misplaced objects also contribute to elderly falls. A great percentage of the elderly persons are also on medication like depressants that diminish their mental alertness, which ultimately leads to loss of balance; thus, falls.                       I would advise the elderly to construct houses that are fall-proof, for instance, houses with grab bars, fit in low furniture, avoid slippery floors, amongst others.

The concerned pharmacists must also be keen to ensure that the medication offered is less dizzy. Exercises are also vital if their bones have to be strong (Lord, Menz & Sherrington, 2007). Regular bone and eye checks are also of great importance since Osteoporosis and visual impairments will be reduced.                       I will pass on this information by giving them lectures that involve them in making decisions and actual demonstration of exercises that will suit them for life. Indeed, falls cannot be ignored, especially with the number of elderly persons succumbing to the infection.


Lord, R., Menz, H., & Sherrington, C. (2007). Falls in Older People: Risk Factors and Strategies for Prevention. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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