Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice – Care Example

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"Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice" is an outstanding example of a paper on care. Nursing Metaparadigm The foundation for effective health care depends on the nursing profession since it incorporates all the available safe practices that assist patients towards recovery. Through a retrospectively assessed definition, I believe nursing is the practice of offering health care to individuals, families, and populations. Nursing promotes and protects individual and community health significantly. The definition of nursing has changed resulting from education and experience over time. Initially, nursing was only a profession that provided quality care to patients.

However, through education and experience, I believe nursing is more than just a profession. It’ s dedicating one’ s life for the good of others and being responsible for their well-being. Nursing care requires one to be compassionate, empathic, and comfort to ensure the nurse provides the best environment that can foster the recovery of the patient (Masters, 2014). Nursing is both an art and science. Since nursing involves caring for the patient, it acts as an art i. e. the art of caring that identifies nursing. Nursing is also a science since it requires the application of scientific research and concepts in applying the art of caring. Nursing practice can be both a product and a process.

It entails a series or a process of comforting actions that enable the patient to recover. Since nursing offers comfort to the patients, it qualifies as a product that enhances care. The primary role in nursing involves working with other health professionals to ensure the patients recover. In addition, as a practice, it’ s more of dedicating your services to the patients in need i. e. doing services for the patient. Ethics in nursing fit in situations where nurses have to make choices that may affect the patient’ s conditions.

It involves situations where the nurses face dilemmas in deciding what is best for the patient thus allowing them to apply ethics. The nursing objective of the nurses is to provide professional care that reduces the patient’ s risks or improves the ability to adapt. It can be either emotional or physical intervention (Masters, 2014). Health Metaparadigm Health is the state of being physically, emotionally, and socially fit as well as the absence of disease in the body.

Being healthy suggest that the body can perform all the required activities correctly, and the level of functions is sound. Based on the definition of health clients with illness cannot be termed healthy since the condition of being healthy means the absence of any disease in the body. The body must be free from diseases to maintain a healthy status. Health is both an absolute and a continuum. Health is absolute since it can fulfill all the vital goals that constitute happiness since health is linked to happiness. As an absolute, health allows individuals to be adaptable to different cultures and environments.

The health continuum involves healthcare practices that track and guides patients towards recovery over a period (Masters, 2014). Development and context change the view of health. The context of people’ s lives determines their health as well as the environment. Development and context are determinants of health and impact our health significantly. The concepts suggest that an individual’ s health is determined by their environment and circumstances such as education and income status. The impact of context and development on the view on health suggest that health is determined by environmental conditions.

As a result, the client's views depend on all the factors covered under the determinants of health thus concurs with my views on health. Person Metaparadigm My personal definition of a person suggests that it’ s a being with different capabilities and attributes or a set of behavioral systems. In nursing, the person involves the recipient of nursing care (Masters, 2014). The client is the person being nursed i. e. receiving the care practices offered by the nurses. Nursing provides a chance for nurses to develop quality care by establishing an excellent relationship with the client.


Masters, K. (2014). Role development in professional nursing practice. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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